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Methods for Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline inspection can be divided into two parts, namely, pipeline inner inspection and pipeline outer inspection. Today let us focus on what the pipeline inspection is. Inner pipe inspection is very useful for future rectification of drainage pipes. Drainage pipelines are an important part of urban infrastructure. To ensure that the urban pipeline network remains unblocked, the maintenance of the drainage pipeline network is very important. Rain and sewage drainage pipes in each city are generally constructed by the city's local municipal water company or contracted to a professional pipe maintenance company for maintenance. And underground pipe inspection is an important part of urban pipeline maintenance.

1. Common pipeline inspection methods

Common pipeline inspection methods and pipeline inspection equipment include pipeline camera inspection, pipeline QV inspection, and pipeline sonar inspection. These three pipeline inner inspection methods can basically meet the needs of municipal official network inspection, and the needs of street, community, and enterprise inspection.

2. How does the pipe inspection camera work?

The pipe inspection camera can monitor and record the conditions inside the pipeline in real time, including the degree of deformation, blockage, siltation, corrosion, etc. And it can get accurate locations, shoot high-definition videos and take pictures. If we turn on the high-definition camera of the robot, we can clearly see the internal situation of the rain and sewage drainage pipe as the robot slowly climbs into the pipe. We can see whether there are functional defects such as blockage, deposition, scaling, and scum, or structural defects such as the hidden connection of branch pipes, mixed rain and sewage, pipeline rupture, undulation, deformation, and water seepage.

Then these captured videos and pictures are transmitted to the ground via the network. Finally, the construction technicians on the ground can judge various functional and structural defects inside the pipeline through the transmitted video images and intercepted pictures, and then make a pipeline inspection and evaluation report, which is of great significance to the later pipeline repair and transformation work. Since pipeline repair and transformation are determined by the inspection of the damage and its location.

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