Introduction of Pipeline Inspection Equipment Supplier: What Are the Methods to Clean Main Sewer Pipes?

The sewage network is closely related to people's normal life, so ensuring its normal operation is an important reason for the birth of pipeline inspection equipment. In order to clear the actual situation of the main sewage pipeline, relevant personnel have made a lot of attempts, and then found usable detection methods. Quality-assured pipeline inspection robots suppliers will introduce the way to clean the main sewage pipeline.

Methods for cleaning the main sewage pipeline: Traditional manual detection method

Pipeline inspection equipment suppliers classify traditional manual detection methods into three types: visual inspection, diving inspection, and sediment bucket inspection. Among them, visual inspection mainly uses the naked eye to observe and judge whether there are blockages, ruptures, perforations, or collapses in the sewage pipeline and distinguishes whether there are differences in water levels and whether the water quality is turbid within the same pipeline network. The diving inspection is mainly carried out by pipeline divers to ear main sewer line. The pipeline inspection equipment supplier needs to explain that due to the size limit of the diver, this method can only be used for large-diameter sewage pipelines. The sediment bucket inspection method is mainly used to check the sediment thickness of the sewage pipeline network.

Methods for cleaning the main sewage pipeline: Modern automatic detection method

Pipeline inspection equipment suppliers regard modern automatic detection methods as the most popular method for sewage pipeline network detection at present. The commonly used pipeline inspection equipment in this method is closed-circuit television. In actual use, the recording equipment in the closed-circuit television inspection device will be placed in the sewage pipeline network, shooting the internal condition of the sewage pipeline network. The ground operator remotely controls the closed-circuit television device while recording and shooting as the closed-circuit television inspection vehicle moves inside the pipeline. After the shooting is completed, technical appraisal personnel analyze and evaluate the internal condition of the pipeline based on the collected data. Through the use of pipeline inspection equipment such as modern automatic detection methods, the internal corrosion of the sewage pipeline network and the degree of corrosion can be visually reflected. The detection personnel can also judge and evaluate the engineering and repair methods required to repair the sewage pipeline network based on the collected data.

As an important modern automatic detection tool, the pipeline inspection equipment is showing a significant increase in utilization rate with the progress of technology. Reliable pipeline inspection equipment suppliers are actively increasing their development efforts, trying to bring more and better sewage pipeline network inspection equipment to enterprises in order to better adapt to market development trends.

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