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What Are the Types of Technologies Used in Pipeline Inspection Equipment for Inspecting the Interior of Pipelines?

In daily life, pipes are everywhere. With the increase of usage time, pipes will gradually experience problems such as deformation and aging, and the pipe inspection system equipment has emerged accordingly. In fact, considering the differences in the content to be tested, there are also differences in the detection technologies adopted by reliable pipe inspection equipment. Based on the inspection of the inside of the pipe, this article explains the possible types of technologies that may be used.

Diameter measuring pipe inspection technology

This pipe inspection technology is mainly used to detect the geometric deformation of pipes caused by external forces and determine the specific location of the deformation. By using pipe inspection equipment or the principle of magnetic induction, pits, ellipticity, geometric changes in inner diameter, and other geometric anomalous phenomena that affect the effective inner diameter inside the pipe can be detected.

Leak detection pipe inspection technology

Currently, the more mature technologies in the field of leak detection technology are the differential pressure method and the acoustic emission method. The former consists of a pipe inspection equipment with a measuring pressure device. Considering the low pressure formed by the leakage inside the pipeline, a detection instrument can be installed at this location to judge the leakage situation. The latter is based on acoustic emission leak detection, using the unique sound produced during pipeline leakage, collecting it through appropriate frequency-selected electronic pipeline inspection equipment, and then detecting and determining the location of the leakage through the odometer and marking system.

Magnetic flux leakage pipe inspection technology

Among all pipe inspection technologies, magnetic flux leakage detection appeared earlier. It can detect the volume-type defects caused by corrosion inside and outside the pipeline, has low requirements for the inspection environment, can be used for oil and gas pipelines, and can also indirectly judge the coating condition. The pipeline inspection equipment designed using this technology has a wide range of applications. In fact, since magnetic flux leakage is a relative noise process, even if no form of amplification is applied to the data, abnormal signals are still obvious in the data record, and its application is relatively simple.

In addition to the aforementioned diameter measurement, leak detection, and magnetic flux leakage inspection technologies, pipe inspection equipment can also adopt technologies such as piezoelectric ultrasonic inspection and electromagnetic wave sensing according to actual inspection needs when inspecting the inside of the pipe. In fact, reliable pipe inspection equipment manufacturers will design products according to actual usage requirements.

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