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The Structure and Function of the Industrial Camera for Looking Inside Pipes

1. Introduction of the camera for looking inside pipes  

The pipe inspection camera is one of the members of the large family of industrial cameras for looking inside. The pipe endoscope is an optical device that is composed of a rigid or flexible coil pipe connected together with a head-end camera to the other objective by a relay optical system.

The camera for looking inside pipes has the basic functions of an industrial endoscope, and it can be qualified for non-destructive inspection tasks of high-temperature, toxic places and where cannot be directly viewed by human eyes. At the same time, it has targeted application fields and it is generally used in pipe inspection in industrial machinery, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, aerospace, environmental protection and other industries.  

Industrial pipes are often used for the transportation of industrial media. However, high-temperature and high-pressure media or flammable and explosive media are common in industrial media, and long, narrow, dark pipes often make it difficult for inspectors to enter. In this case, using a camera for looking inside pipes can yield twice the results with half the effort. For example, it can easily complete the inspection of air conditioning pipes and ventilation pipes, including internal welds, corrosion, blockages, and foreign objects at a glance. With the development of endoscope manufacturing technology, the industrial camera for looking inside pipes has gradually been widely used in recent years.

2. The structure and function of the industrial pipe endoscope

In general, the pipe endoscope is composed of a cralwer, lighting, controller, remote control lift platform, and camera to meet the needs of inspections in narrow and dark pipes. The crawler plays a decisive role, which can pass through obstacles and turn freely. A crawler with good performance is an important guarantee for the comprehensive inspection of the pipe. In addition, the remote control lift platform can adjust the height of the camera, which is responsible for taking pictures and recording the pipe conditions. Also, it can carry other detection devices to inspect the inside of the pipe. It can be seen that the camera for looking inside pipes is a combination of light, electricity and detection technology. It is a new type of non-destructive testing equipment that integrates internal inspection, detection, analysis and other functions of pipes.

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