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Pipe Rehabilitation System

Pipe Rehabilitation System

UV curing repair technology is the most effective and fast solution for pipe rehabilitation. Because of its high efficiency and low cost, UV curing repair technology is now widely used in the pipe rehabilitation industry. As one of the professional pipe rehabilitation companies in China, Easy Sight provides UV LED light curing rehabilitation equipment that can work for pipe DN200-1600 (CIPP) and  DN200-600 (spot CIPP).


Pipe Rehabilitation System

X120-D Spot Repair System
X120-D Spot Repair System
As efficient sewer rehabilitation equipment, the X120-D series will only take 8 minutes to repair one spot.
X120-UV Full Lining System
X120-UV Full Lining System
With different sizes of light trains, this pipe rehabilitation system can work for pipe DN200-1600. We can not only provide the system but also get the liner customized according to your project demand.

What is Pipe Rehabilitation?

Pipe rehabilitation, also called pipe rehab, is the basic element of operating any asset or pipeline to maximize operational efficiency and therefore maximize profits. It enables asset owners to maintain the maximum flow through the pipeline without losing product due to leakage, reducing flow due to clogging, accumulation of debris, and ensuring high-quality products.

Clearing blocked sewer pipes is an indispensable process in pipe rehabilitation, which has significant benefits for the service life of the pipeline and the quality of the medium in the pipeline.

As one of the most reliable pipeline rehabilitation companies, Easy-Sight can provide assistance in pipeline inspection, repair, and cleanup at the same time. After the pipeline inspection, if the debris and accumulation are removed, and the problem is found and corrected, the product quality can be improved and the flow rate can be increased. All of this leads to better products with higher yields and ultimately higher profits.

Easy-Sight CIPP Rehabilitation (Cured in Place Pipe Lining)

Easy-Sight uses Trenchless Rehabilitation Technology to change the traditional concept of large-scale excavation and replacement of roads, avoiding long-term traffic jams on road traffic and reducing secondary pollution to the surrounding environment.

In the case of partial pipeline cracks, leakage, or damage, there is no need to repair the entire section of the pipeline, or when an urgent repair is required due to partial damage of the pipeline, short-distance lining can be used to repair the pipeline.

CIPP Rehabilitation Process Characteristics

1. Curing the resin at the damaged point increase the strength of the pipeline to achieve the purpose of repair and provide a certain structural strength.

2. In the trenchless repair of drainage pipes, it is usually combined with soil grouting technology.

3. Protect the environment and save resources. No road excavation, no rubbish generation, no traffic jams, greatly improving the image of pipeline repair construction. The overall social and economic benefits are good.

Pipe Rehabilitation Methods-UV-CIPP

It is a kind of trenchless CIPP. UV-CIPP is a CIPP rehabilitation that woven glass fiber into a hose impregnated with resin, and then pull it into the original pipe to inflate and expand to close to the original pipe. Under the action of ultraviolet light, the resin is cured to form a CIPP with a certain strength of the lined pipe.

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