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Pipe Inspection Robot Can Detect When It is ​Difficult to Control the Quality of Underground Pipe Construction

1. The importance of pipe inspection robots

If problems such as pipe damage, blockage, and deformation occur, traditional manual downhole inspections cannot fully detect quality problems. According to previous practice, the entire road may have to be "broken", which will not only affect residents' travel but also cause project losses.

To effectively solve the problem, the pipe inspection robot emerges as the times require. It can slip into the "capillary" of the project to investigate quality problems of the pipe and provide strong support for project quality management.

2. Pipe inspection robots can detect the internal pipe

The pipe inspection robot is also known as the CCTV inspection robot. It looks like a remote-controlled car, with a 360° high-definition camera and searchlight on the front, which can be adjusted in height according to the size of the pipe diameter. It acts as an expert in municipal pipe inspection, and it is more widely used in pipe inspection. It is also due to the advantages of its development, which greatly reduces the risk of traditional detection methods. This type of detection technology is also known as the camera in pipe inspection technology, which is the most advanced, effective and safe method for underground pipe inspection currently in the world.

After putting the debugged pipe inspection robot into the drainage pipe, the pipe inspection robot will move forward along the pipe. It will record the internal environment in real-time and reflect the image to the terminal display of the equipment on the ground. At the same time, quality pipe inspection equipment should record and evaluate the quality of the pipe. In this way, not only can accidents be avoided, but also the defects in the pipe can be found quickly through the camera.

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