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Pipe Cleaning System

Pipe Cleaning System

Easy Sight pipe cleaning system includes pipe cleaning machines like Grab-All, Jetting Nozzle, and Video Jetting Nozzle, picking up garbage or stones directly, or clean your pipe with high-pressure water.


Clean Pipe System By Easy-sight

Grab All
Grab All
The Grab All with powerful jaw is perfect for removing obstacle from 100mm-480mm.
Jetting Nozzle
Jetting Nozzle
With different types of Nozzle, it can work for different pipe diameter.
PT-C Video Jetting Nozzle
PT-C Video Jetting Nozzle
With a high definition camera, the video jetting nozzle can work for pipe diameter above 250mm.

When an unpleasant smell begins to form in the bathroom or kitchen, it may be that there is a problem with your drain. The smell begins to form near the plughole, but it can spread throughout the house. Sometimes you may think there is just one plug hole that is blocked, but usually, it is the entire drain pipe. In the worst case, the pipes will be blocked, so that the discharge of water or wastewater completely stops. At this time, the pipeline should be cleaned. And a pipe cleaning machine should be available. Easy-Sight can provide you with high-quality pipe cleaning machines as above.

Why Do We Need Main Line Cleaning Service Regularly?

Unscheduled removal of foreign matter in the pipeline will cause the pipeline to be blocked. In the long-term used pipeline, the solidification of sludge and rust in the pipeline will cause the original pipe diameter to become smaller. The hydrogen sulfide gas generated by the sludge precipitation in the pipe will cause environmental pollution, and easily cause acid and alkali substances in the combustion and explosion wastewater, which is easy to corrode the pipe wall.

In the process of manufacturing, storage, transportation and installation, the pipeline will produce various impurities such as rust and slag on the pipeline, dust, sand, cement and other impurities. Rust, rust inhibitor, sediment, etc. will seriously affect the normal use of the pipeline.

After cleaning the pipeline, a dense chemical passivation film is formed on the clean metal surface. The passivation film can effectively prevent the re-formation of dirt and effectively protect the equipment, which can effectively ensure the safety of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

If the piping system is not severely clogged, the standard sink plunger can easily solve the problem. But the blockage of the main pipeline or worse situation requires the help of professional technicians.

Problems with Using Chemicals When Cleaning Underground Drain Pipes

Many people choose dredging chemicals that can be easily found on store shelves to achieve underground pipe cleaning. Pipe dredging chemicals can indeed dissolve certain organic substances. But in fact, chemicals may not function as expected, and may cause great damage to people and objects:

1. It is highly toxic and should not be near the skin or eyes.

2. Some chemicals may even damage the pipeline, make the pipeline wear faster and shorten the service life of the pipeline.

Principles of Underground Pipe Cleaning

Clearing underground drainage pipes is to use artificial methods to increase the water head difference in the pipeline, increase the water flow pressure, increase the flow rate and flow to clean the sediment in the pipeline. In other words, use a larger flow rate to disperse or wash away the sediment that can be moved by the sewage in the pipeline, and use a larger flow to transport the suspended matter that can be deposited in the sewage.

When the pipeline silt deposits are too much or even cause blockage, the cleaning method cannot be solved to clean out drain pipe. At this time, the pipeline must be dredged, digging and removing the mud blockage. That is, the sewer pipe cleaning machine is used to directly act on the sediment to loosen it and be carried away by the sewage or directly manually removed from the pipeline.

Best Way to Clean out Drain Pipes

When there is a serious blockage in the sewer pipeline, you need professional pipe dredging tools.

For example, the jetter nozzles for sale of Easy-Sight are made of special steel, which is particularly strong and durable, and can effectively remove all kinds of deposited dirt, hard dirt, tree roots, etc. in the sewer. The PT-C visual sprinkler is equipped with a camera on the body of the cleaning sprinkler, which can clean the drainage pipe while also performing pipeline video inspection.

Our pipe dredging tools grab all, jetting nozzle and PT-C video jetting nozzle will make your cleaning work easier.

Pipe Cleaning System FAQs

Is there any requirement for the main control of video jetting nozzle?

Windows or Android tablet can be used as main control of video jetting nozzle.

What pipe width is the video jetting nozzle for?

It can work for pipe above DN250mm.

How large obstacle the grab all can grab?

Easy-Sight grab all can grab obstacles from 100mm-480mm.

How deep is the grab all can reach?

Up to 9m

Can all the nozzles be combined with video jetting nozzle?

No, they are different nozzles.

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