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What Are the Environmental Requirements for CCTV Pipeline Inspection Robots?

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to pipeline safety, and pipeline detection technology has gradually developed. The mainstream method is still using reliable CCTV pipeline detection robots for operation, and the main content of detection is to master the internal situation of the pipeline and formulate solutions to problems such as blockage or damage. Currently, stable-performance CCTV pipeline robots are applied to non-destructive testing of industrial pipelines, providing technical support for detecting hidden pipeline problems. So, what are the requirements of CCTV pipeline detection robots for the work environment?

Requirements of CCTV pipeline detection robots for the environment: area of standing water

The external protection and waterproof level of high-quality and reliable CCTV pipeline detection robots can meet the basic requirements for immersion operations. However, if the robot is immersed in water for a long time to perform detection work, it may not achieve the desired effect, and the detection result may deviate from the actual situation. On the other hand, it will also cause damage to the internal parts of the CCTV pipeline detection robot, reducing its service life. Therefore, before detecting pipelines, the robot needs to understand the area of standing water at the bottom of the pipeline. If it exceeds a certain range, operation is not allowed.

Requirements of CCTV pipeline detection robots for the environment: forward distance

In general, the standard forward distance of the well-known CCTV pipeline robots is 120 meters. If there are special requirements, customized cables can be used to extend the distance to 300 meters. Sometimes, there may be a long distance between pipelines and pipe openings. At this time, the robot needs to be equipped with a longer cable to enter the pipeline. However, the extended cable cannot exceed 300 meters, because a too long cable will increase the resistance of the CCTV pipeline detection robot, and there may be unstable data transmission.

Requirements of CCTV pipeline detection robots for the environment: climbing angle

In addition to the above two points, CCTV pipeline crawler robot with guaranteed quality can climb up slopes in pipelines at an angle lower than 45 degrees. Therefore, the robot's power is not enough to carry out climbing work. In order to effectively avoid the occurrence of rollover incidents, operators can use the "pipeline profile" function of high-quality CCTV pipeline detection robots to check whether the robot is moving vertically in the pipeline. They can also control the speed and direction of the robot's crawling, judge and generate detection reports through feedback videos. Economical and practical CCTV pipeline detection robots not only accurately and intuitively test pipelines, but also improve operating efficiency and the safety of detection personnel.

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