Supporting Equipment in Pipeline Rehabilitation

The underground pipeline is an important part of urban infrastructure. The urban underground pipeline includes water supply, drainage, gas, heat, telecommunication, electric power, industrial pipeline and other major categories. It is the material basis for exerting urban functions, ensuring urban economic, social health and coordinated development, and is known as the "blood vessel" and "nerve" of the city.

In recent years, with the acceleration of urbanization process and the rapid development of urban construction, urban underground space has been increased in various places, especially the development and utilization of underground pipelines, and the file management of underground pipelines has been strengthened.

However, due to some underground pipeline construction units and pipeline management units which cannot timely send underground pipeline archives to urban construction archives management department, the centralized and unified management and query service of underground pipeline archives information cannot meet the needs of urban construction and development. The underground pipeline is not only convenient for urban life, but also has great hidden danger due to improper construction and long-term disrepair, which may cause a huge loss of personnel and property.

Therefore, a large number of pipeline inspection equipment emerge as the times require. Among them, the pipe inspection equipment robot series products belong to the new generation of digital high-definition pipeline inspection robots.

Pipe inspection robots replace personnel to enter the interior of urban drainage pipelines, conduct TV imaging fine inspection, and generate inspection and evaluation reports that meet the industry standards and specifications with one click, providing important points for the formulation of maintenance and repair schemes.

The analysis basis and guidance suggestions are applicable to the detection and inspection of various underground metal pipelines, pipeline management and maintenance, municipal planning and construction, power supply and other departments of pipeline detection. It is one of the necessary instruments for pipeline maintenance units.

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