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The Workflow of Pipeline CCTV Survey

City drainage pipeline is an important infrastructure in urban areas. With the accelerating pace of urban development, the safe management and inspection of drainage pipeline become increasingly important, and the requirements for pipeline management are also increasing.

CCTV pipeline inspection equipment technology provides a reliable means for the operation and management of urban drainage pipelines. Today we will take a look at its operation process.

Operation process of CCTV pipeline inspection equipment: precipitation, drainage

Use a mud pump to discharge sewage from the inspection well to the bottom sludge. Then, divide the pipeline into sections that require unclogging, and allocate them according to the diameter and length of the pipe, with a fixed segment between the same diameter and two inspection wells.

Operation process of CCTV pipeline inspection equipment: diluting sludge

The high-pressure water truck injects water from the two inspection wells into the well, and the unclogging device stirs the sludge in the inspection well and sewage pipeline. Then, CCTV inspection robot dilutes the sludge, and manual and mechanical stirring is continuously carried out until the sludge is diluted into the water.

Operation process of CCTV pipeline inspection equipment: suction and interception of polluted water

Use a suction vehicle to clean and tidy up the sludge in the two inspection wells. After diluting the sludge again, suction the sludge out. Set up a plug to block the water inlet channel of the well at a working section from top to bottom. Then, block the downstream inspection well outlet and other pipeline openings, and reserve the inlet and outlet of this section of the pipeline.

Operation process of CCTV pipeline inspection equipment: high-pressure cleaning of vehicle unclogging

Use a high-pressure cleaning vehicle to clear the pipeline, extend the hose of the high-pressure cleaning vehicle into the bottom of the well to inspect it, spray water into the pipeline through the nozzle, and continue to use the downstream inspection well to suction the sludge in the chamber.

Operation process of CCTV pipeline inspection equipment: ventilation and inspection

To ensure the safety of CCTV inspection robot downhole operation and the clarity of internal pipeline video recording, it is necessary to ventilate the pipeline when necessary. The method is to open the well covers upstream and downstream of the unclogging section, and use an axial fan to blow and suck the entire unclogging section to achieve ventilation. When opening the well cover, it must be watched by a dedicated person, and the well cover must be covered when people leave.

Above is a series of operation processes about CCTV survey of pipelines summarized for everyone. The long-term use of urban pipelines is easy to cause blockage and aging, and serious leakage problems may occur. Special inspection equipment is needed to detect the inside as soon as possible to avoid major problems. Therefore, we must make good use of CCTV inspection technology to do a good job in the detection of urban pipelines.

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