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What Are the Steps for Industrial Pipeline Endoscope Customization?

Due to its excellent reputation and strong performance advantages, industrial pipeline endoscopes are widely used in related testing industries. In the process of use, it can obtain relevant image information in a more powerful way, and related manufacturers also provide customized product solutions for customers, combining with the actual application needs of customers to add different functions. Next, we will discuss in detail some related steps of customizing the industrial pipeline endoscope.

The industrial pipeline endoscope is mainly a type of endoscope product defined from the application perspective for pipeline inspection. Therefore, in a broad sense, endoscope equipment that can be used to inspect pipelines or similar pipeline structures, such as video endoscopes, straight rod endoscopes, fiber optic endoscopes, pipeline crawling robots, PTZ remote video remote surveillance systems, etc., all belong to industrial inspection pipeline endoscopes. However, there is another common saying in the industry, namely: industrial pipeline endoscopes specifically refer to endoscopic inspection devices with cables that can be pulled and pushed for tens of meters.

Step 1: Clearly describe the function and appearance of the industrial pipeline endoscope

When customizing the industrial pipeline endoscope, customers should first describe the entire function and the length of the camera as much as possible, and then directly inform the customized manufacturer of these related functional requirements. After understanding these related information, the manufacturer will combine the actual production situation to design and communicate with the customer continuously during the actual design process of the industrial pipeline endoscope to improve the details of the entire equipment design. This can better reduce the entire development cycle.

Step 2: Sign a detailed technical cooperation contract for the industrial pipeline endoscope in writing

After the factory accepts the customization of the industrial pipeline endoscope, it will often communicate with the customer in detail regarding the relevant product type. After all issues are completed, a relevant cooperation contract will be signed. This contract is mainly to unify the relevant information of the equipment. After all contracts are signed, it will enter the actual production of the industrial pipeline endoscope. Once the plan is completed, it can directly enter the production stage of the product.

It can be seen that the main customization method of the pipeline endoscope is to first discuss and negotiate the functional requirements directly with the manufacturer, and at the same time, the manufacturer will propose a more perfect customized solution on the basis of defining the function. After all plans are thoroughly formulated, it will start to enter the production step. Of course, the premise of successful customization is to pay attention to which the quality of the pipeline endoscope is good.

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