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What Are the Main Methods of Pipe Dredging

Ⅰ. The importance of clearing choked pipes

Pipe desilting has become an important work that cannot be ignored in the drainage department. The precipitation and siltation of a large amount of debris discharged into the rain drain and the cement sand of the infrastructure construction site will cause the pipe to block. Failure of rain drain cleaning and dredging will cause overflow of sewage and pollute the environment, bringing troubles to people's lives. Today, the main methods of clearing blocked stormwater drains will be told in detail.

Ⅱ. Main methods of clearing chocked pipes

1. Pipe inspection robot

The pipe CCTV television inspection system is composed of three parts: the main controller, the control cable rack, and the pipe inspection robot. The main controller can be installed on the car. The operator controls the speed and direction of the "sewer inspection crawler" in the pipe through the main controller, and controls the camera to transmit the video image inside the pipe to the main controller display screen through the cable so that the operator can monitor the internal conditions of the pipe in real-time, and, at the same time, store the original image records for further analysis. When the fieldwork of CCTV is completed, the pipe defects are coded, the defect pictures are captured according to the detected video data, and the test reports are compilated. The CCTV image data is processed according to the user's requirements, and video tapes or CDs are provided for archiving to guide future pipe rehabilitation.

2. Winch dredging

First bamboo chip is used to pass through the pipe that needs to be cleared, and then the winch on the inspection well at both ends of the pipe is used to reciprocate the wire rope so that the sludge is pushed into the downstream inspection well by the clearing tool. The winch has manual, motorized, electric, and other types, and there are also many kinds of tools, which can be selected based on the size of the pipe and the needs of users. This method is suitable for pipes of various diameters and is more suitable for pipes with serious siltation and dense sludge adhesion.

Disadvantages of winch dredging: The transfer of bamboo chips from one wellhead to another requires a manual downhole. The poor working environment in the well brings great inconvenience to work and easily leads to safety accidents.

3. Trencher

The dredger used for the same pipe with a rigid seal passes through the pipe as a jet under the air or liquid pressure, and at the same time removes foreign matter in the pipe. This method requires the pipe wall to be smooth and regular, and the silt should not be too much, so it is mostly used in the dredging of nuclear energy and industrial metal sewage pipes. A similar pneumatic trencher uses compressed air to transfer the dredger from one inspection well to another, and then the wire rope at its tail is pulled by a winch to open the fins and the silt will be dredged out along with it. Another type of flexible shaft trencher is powered by a motor or automobile engine, which is transmitted to the dredging tool through a flexible shaft. The rotation of the flexible shaft causes the dredging tool to move forward while rotating, and the sludge is loosened and scraped into another inspection well.

4. High-pressure water jet

The more widely used method of dredging uses a high-pressure water jet vehicle equipped with a large water tank, a motorized hose reel, a high-pressure water pump, and a water jet nozzle. During the operation, a car engine drives a high-pressure pump to pressurize the water and send it to the sewer cleaning nozzle. The reaction force generated by its backward jet causes the water jet nozzle and the hose to move in the opposite direction together, and also clear the pipe wall at the same time; when the nozzle reaches the downstream inspection well, the motorized winch retracts the hose, and the water jet nozzle continues to spray water to flush the remaining sediment to the downstream inspection well where the suction truck will suck it away.

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