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Research Purpose and Significance of Trenchless Repair Technology for Urban Drainage Pipes

Urban drainage pipe network is an indispensable and important infrastructure of modern city. It is a basic industry with overall and leading influence on urban economic development, a backbone project of urban water pollution control, urban drainage and flood control, as well as an important indicator to measure the level of modern city.

At present, most of the urban drainage pipeline damage repair is to use the method of re -burying after excavation. With the development of urbanization, the urban underground pipeline is complicated, and the load of urban road is more and more serious, so there are a lot of technical problems in the repair process of broken underground sewage pipeline. With the continuous improvement of urban construction, trenchless pipe laying, pipe repair and pipe replacement technology is more and more favored by the underground pipe inspection industry management department for its advantages of no impact on traffic, fast pipe laying speed, high efficiency, no environmental damage and no impact on people's normal work and life.

Trenchless rehabilitation technology first emerged in the oil and gas industry, mainly used for the renewal and repair of oil and gas pipelines. Later, it is gradually used in the renovation of water supply and drainage pipeline collapse, and is rapidly promoted with the application of new pipe materials such as HDPE pipe. With the progress of science and technology, trenchless pipeline repair technology has maintained a rapid development momentum. The market prospect of this technology is very broad, which needs in-depth and detailed discussion and research by professionals.

Advantages of trenchless pipeline repair Technology:

1. Aiming at the reconstruction of old pipeline facilities, it can meet the needs of structural renewal and capacity expansion at the same time;

2. The trouble of demolition and the damage to the environment are avoided to the greatest extent. At the same time, additional investment in the project is reduced;

3. Local excavation of work pits reduces the amount of road excavation and the impact on the public transportation environment;

4. Hydraulic equipment is used. The noise is low, which meets the requirements of environmental protection, reduces the disturbing factors and improves the social benefits obviously;

5. The construction speed is fast and the construction period is short, which effectively reduces the project cost;

6. The project is safe and reliable, which not only improves the service performance, but also is beneficial to the later maintenance of the facilities.

In view of the advantages of trenchless pipeline repairing underground sewage pipeline cement block clogging technology, investment in drainage pipelines, water supply stations and natural gas pipeline innovation has increased greatly in recent years, and the pipeline repair industry will become more and more prosperous.

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