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A Brief Discussion on the Technical Method of the Pipeline Inspection Robot

The pipeline inspection robot adopts the detection method of a closed-circuit television system. A CCTV TV monitoring system is a set of mechanized and intelligent equipment to record the internal situation of the pipeline. For the internal situation of the pipeline, it can carry out real-time image monitoring, recording, video playback, image capture, video file storage, and other operations, so that people can know the internal situation of the pipeline without entering the pipeline.

The influence of pipeline inspection robot on the modern city is as follows:

In recent years, people's requirements for the natural environment, working environment, working tools, and methods have been gradually improved. With the advancement of China's urbanization, the west-east natural gas transmission project has been launched in an all-around way, especially the construction of large-scale chemical plants, large-scale natural gas plants, and large-scale underground pipeline treatment systems. Large-scale pipeline combination processing system facilities (pipeline inspection robot included) have been widely used for their high-quality work efficiency, circular pipeline structure, less land occupation, large effective working space, beautifying the living environment, and other advantages.

With the wide popularization and application of computer technology, detection technology at home and abroad has developed rapidly, and pipeline inspection technology has gradually formed two branches: the internal and external inspection technology of the pipeline.

The high frequency of pipeline inspection robot

A pipe inspection robot for sale is a high-definition pipeline CCTV sewer inspection robot, which can be controlled by a tablet, notebook computer, or special industrial controller. It can freely choose wireless or wired connection control to display and store high-definition inspection video in real time. In the process of testing, the defect picture can be captured quickly, and the test report can be obtained immediately after the inspection is completed. In addition, the slope curve of the pipeline can be obtained in real-time in the process of inspection, so as to judge the internal deposition of the pipeline.

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