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Why Use a Pipe Periscope for Small Pipes?

In order to ensure the smooth drainage of rainwater and sewage pipelines and prevent low-lying water accumulation, the pipeline inspection company will check the pipeline in advance! Protecting sewers is often the responsibility of every municipality! When arranging pipes, in order to save space or maintain aesthetics, people choose to put them underground or in the walls of buildings. If there is a problem and need to be repaired, they need to contact technicians to be present. Most of the staff will ask about the location of the pipeline and the content of transportation before arriving at the site, and bring suitable equipment and materials. For venues where activities are more convenient, most of the personnel will choose to go off the field to observe the operation situation, and some pipes have small diameters. If people or detection equipment enter, the pipes may be damaged, and the help of pipe periscopes is needed.

1. Pipeline periscopes can reduce time and cost

The situation detected by the pipeline periscope can be recorded and observed in real time. This part of the program can help the on-site and internal personnel to deal with the distance problem. Sometimes when water is needed at home on weekends or holidays, the time for personnel to come to the door may be There will be delays, which will affect life and diet. At this time, you can make a small exploration design according to the online tutorial, and use the reflection of the mirror to understand the bottom situation, which can reduce the cost of asking maintenance personnel to visit the door and the time cost. It can be said that it is the gospel of pipeline inspection in the rainy season!

2. The pipeline periscope is detachable equipment, which is convenient for travel

When people deal with pipeline equipment, the construction progress will be affected by the size of the space. For some pipelines that have problems when they reach out and check, they need to use small and long equipment to check the internal situation. Most of these devices are supplemented with cables and lift rods on small crawler machines and video recorders. The lift rod can be used in straight routes, and the bendability of the cables allows it to adapt to corners or routes with more tortuous layouts, these materials can be combined and changed after being present. There was no option to dismantle the earlier detection equipment. Sometimes, two kinds of extension materials need to be brought when going out. During the use process, many people made suggestions and changed it to detachable equipment, so that the things that need to be brought when traveling will be reduced a lot. 

3. Pipeline periscope can shoot underground

Pipeline periscopes can also be used to explore underground conditions or enter areas that are not easily accessible by the human body for shooting. The staff can also improve the original design by adding lighting, waterproofing or other related protection measures. In case of danger, After the equipment is damaged, the previously shot works can also be uploaded to the platform, avoiding the danger of casualties caused by the exploration work.

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