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Disclosure of CCTV Pipeline Inspection Technology

The CCTV pipe inspection system is specially used in the detection of underground pipelines.

1. CCTV pipeline inspection system

CCTV pipeline inspection system is composed of the main controller, cable car, crawler, and other components.

A main controller is a controlling device, such as a tablet or laptop. It is operated wirelessly or with a wired connection. It uses professional software to control the crawler, camera, light, and so on to display the internal situation of the pipeline in real-time, the detection time, crawling distance, and other information, and stores high-definition detection video.

The cable end of the cable car is connected with the crawler, and the cable is wound on the cable reel, which is used to record the traveling distance of the crawler. 

The crawler types are divided into tire type and crawler type. You can choose the tire according to the pipe diameter. The camera is installed in the head of the crawler, the height of the camera can be adjusted freely, the lens can rotate freely 360 degrees, squint ±120 degrees, and they are all of waterproof design.

2. Practical features of CCTV pipeline inspection

It has real-time display, clear image, and flexible operation.

The sloping curve of the pipeline can be obtained in real-time, the length of the pipeline can be measured by itself, and the specific location of pipeline damage can be determined.

It can detect the material and diameter of the pipe, as well as the deformation, damage, ups and downs, penetration of foreign bodies, secret joint, and so on.

3. Comprehensive advantages of CCTV pipeline inspection

The machine replaces the personnel to go down to the well for underground pipe inspection, which avoids the safety risk.

The testing speed is fast, and the operation can be divided into sections, which does not affect the normal operation of the pipeline.

The test results are stored in the way of video recording and picture capture, which is convenient for later comprehensive analysis and evaluation and provides a reliable basis for the formulation of a repair plan.

The results are easy to save, have traceability, and can exchange data with a GIS system, which meets the requirements of today's urban information management.

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