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What Kind of Pipeline Robot is More Reliable?

Almost every city has a pipeline system, and although we cannot see it, it has been running just like the traffic on the ground. Its safety is also very important, and regular inspections and maintenance need to be meticulous and error-free. Pipeline robots play a decisive role in this, so special attention needs to be paid when purchasing, so what kind of pipeline robots are more reliable? Let's take a look together.

The protection level of the pipeline robot should be high

Why? It's simple, the underground pipeline environment is unknown. If it encounters a harsh environment, the requirements for protection level will naturally be higher. If it is not done well in this area, the lifespan of the machine will be shortened, which is a waste of money.

Does the pipeline robot have high-definition cameras?

Encountering water situations in underground pipelines is normal. The demand for underground pipe inspection camera will naturally be high in water operation environments. Many machines will often be equipped with underwater sonar probes, accurately measuring, identifying, and marking defects based on internal panoramic data, and quickly generating inspection reports, thus helping operators to solve problems as soon as possible.

Whether the positioning system of the pipeline robot is accurate

This is also crucial. The pipe inspection robot can accurately locate the detailed location of the pipeline that needs to be repaired, effectively helping operators to make judgments and repairs. Especially in some important environments, if the positioning is not accurate, it will greatly waste human and material resources and cause unnecessary losses.

The endurance ability of the pipeline robot

Endurance ability is also important when choosing a pipeline inspection system. Like cars, if the endurance is short, the mileage will be shorter, which is a disadvantage in frequent operations. Therefore, generally choosing a brand with longer endurance ability is better.

Nowadays, there are many pipeline robots on the market. According to relevant data, generally, good products mostly use industrial-grade high-resolution colour camera units to continuously and real-time record the actual situation inside the pipeline. Based on the video data captured by the camera system, they make judgments on the defects inside the pipeline and provide a reliable technical basis for maintenance, dredging, and repair in the next step.

CCTV pipeline inspection is a pipeline robot system that can be used for internal camera inspection and measurement of drainage pipelines, with strong dynamic performance and strong driving and obstacle-surmounting ability. It can work normally even under harsh pipeline conditions. A closed-circuit television inspection system can realize intraduct inspection of drainage pipelines: it can detect the rupture, corrosion, and welding quality of pipelines. Adopting a series of image processing technologies such as pattern recognition and neural networks, the collected images are further processed to better identify the pipeline disease situation, assist in artificial pipeline damage judgment, reduce the probability of errors, and improve inspection efficiency. With the development of technology, it has been replaced by more efficient and safe CCTV survey pipeline technology, which uses robots to go down the well, replacing workers' entry and relatively improving safety.

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