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How to Choose a Suitable Pipe Endoscope

The QV system's lens is used by the pipe endoscope to reach locations that are difficult to reach with the human body, such as industrial pipes, municipal sewage networks, and archaeological subsurface discovery. The pipe endoscope is an excellent alternative for managers who don't want to lose time guessing which portions of the pipe are broken, but how do we pick the proper one? The following features of the components might be considered.

1. Insertion tube for a pipe endoscope probe

The length of the examination region that may be reached is limited by the probe insertion tube; normally, commercially available lengths range from 20m to 120m. If the site is too lengthy, a bespoke probe with the appropriate length will be necessary, as well as a mobile cable reel with the appropriate adapter for mobility. In terms of material, general PVC has been able to meet most working environments, although it will also produce wear and tear, not much reactivity, but in the face of special working environments (such as strong acid and alkali, fire and moisture, etc.), the choice of waterproof fire-resistant fibre woven insert tube is better, providing better protection.

2. Lens for a pipe endoscope

Because the pipe endoscope's major detecting regions are difficult to reach, most of them are extremely dimly illuminated, necessitating the employment of a rotatable and adjustable lens as well as an ED auxiliary lighting system to guarantee that the endoscopic pictures are captured clearly and brightly. The specifications for materials are not stringent; just a certain level of water and wear resistance is necessary; stainless steel is preferred.

3. Display and controls for the pipe endoscope

The display should be as big as possible, taking into account the mobility and clarity of the bright inspection pictures; video in JPEG or MPEG format is preferred for image collection and storage, as well as subsequent archiving and report production. In addition, if economically feasible, the pipe endoscope can be equipped with additional capabilities such as an optional input keyboard for entering pertinent inspection data in real time throughout the inspection process.

The pipe endoscopes are all intended to check particular locations and achieve the primary goal of seeing flaws and problems within the pipe so that appropriate maintenance and repair plans may be implemented. But, because everyone's demands are different, we must consider what we want before purchasing one. What will it be used for? Is it necessary to have chemical, water, or fire resistance? Is there a need for brightness, or is there a need for length? This will allow us to select the best option for us.

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