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Pipe Inspection System FAQs

  • Q. How Long is the Pipe Periscope Length


    The standard lenght is 7.1m, we can customize longer up to 25m.

  • Q. What is the Longest Cable You Can Provide


    Our standard cable length is 150m, can customize 300m or longer up to 2000m. The cable is only two-pin and easy to do the repair.

  • Q. What is the Definition of Camera? Is it Pan & Tilt Camera


    We have two cameras. Both of them is HD camera, 4 megapixels, 10X optical, 12X digital zoom. The red one can rotate 360 degree, pan& tilt; The small silver one is axial camera. Both of them are compatible with all of our CCTV inspection crawlers.

  • Q. Are There Any Requirements for The Main Control of Inspection Robots


    You can choose any tablet or computer( windows or android system) as the main control, no special requirements for the configuration.

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