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Why Is CCTV Inspection of Pipelines Considered a Key Priority in Urban Development?

As we all know, the drainage system is an important gear of a city, which is related to the operation of a city and affects the people's lives. The importance of the system can be imagined, and CCTV survey plays a considerable role in the completion and acceptance of a newly built drainage system. In this article, we will briefly analyze the CCTV survey of pipelines from several perspectives to help you understand the importance of CCTV survey for urban construction.

The meaning of CCTV survey of pipelines is a system acronym based on TV video inspection, endoscope inspection, and sonar inspection. The pipeline robot for CCTV survey consists of four parts: crawler, lens, cable reel, and control system. The crawler can carry different types of lenses, and after connecting to the control system via the cable reel, it responds to the operating commands of the control system, such as forward, backward, turning, stopping, speed adjustment, lifting, lowering, and adjusting the lighting of the lens holder, rotating the lens horizontally or vertically, adjusting the focus and zoom, switching between front and rear views, etc. During the inspection process, the control system can display and record the images returned by the lens and the status information of the crawler in real-time. Users can also enter remarks on a touch screen.

Reasons for CCTV survey of pipelines

Underground pipelines in any place are essential infrastructure for the operation of that place, which determines people's lives and enterprises' production. However, as the running time increases, functional defects such as sedimentation and scaling, structural defects such as rupture and deformation, and safety accidents such as ground collapse are likely to occur inside the pipeline. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct regular CCTV survey inside the pipeline, which is a prerequisite for repair and reasonable maintenance. The purpose is to first understand the situation inside the pipeline, judge whether the pipeline needs repair or even which solutions to adopt in the repair process, and only by conducting relevant inspections can reasonable solutions be developed.

The role of CCTV survey

We know that each type of pipeline is different, and its changes are also unknown as the years go by. However, traditional pipeline inspection methods have limitations, and it is difficult to clearly and precisely detect the problems existing in the pipeline. With the development of science and technology, CCTV survey technology with the pipeline endoscope has greatly made up for the shortcomings of traditional methods. It is relatively convenient and efficient and can timely and accurately detect the defects in the underground pipeline, which reserves more time for workers to develop solutions. From a larger perspective, it also contributes to ensuring the smooth operation of the city.

Of course, the role of CCTV survey is not only reflected in the drainage system. Still, it also plays an indispensable role in the detection of sewage leaks, corrosion, damage, interface misalignment, sedimentation, scaling, collapse, and other operational conditions of pipelines!

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