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Problems in the Trenchless Technology Industry

1. There is no unified government agency support.

So far, there is no clear government organization responsible for trenchless technology, and no special government agency has been set up for the specification formulation, development planning, and technology promotion of trenchless technology. This makes it difficult to communicate repeatedly when promoting trenchless technology across departments and industries.

2. There is no unified technical specification for trenchless construction.

Due to the lack of a unified government organization, there is no policy and regulatory environment that is compatible with the role and status of trenchless technology and can effectively promote the development of trenchless science and technology. Moreover, there is no basis in trenchless engineering design, construction technical specifications, quality inspection and acceptance, project management, and quota calculation, which brings greater difficulties to government supervision and enterprise operations.

3.  Low-level competition.

At present, due to abnormal competition, no access system control, and other reasons, some unit prices have no practical significance, which further increases the risk, resulting in a bad cycle. At the same time, this is also the main reason for the impetuous trend of the whole trenchless industry, so the industry cannot develop sustainably and healthily. Looking at the overall situation, starting with quotas and market analysis, formulating non-excavation budget quotas, and proposing market guidance prices are currently urgent problems to be solved.

4. Construction quality and safety hazards.

Due to the lack of various trenchless construction specifications that can be followed, construction quality cannot be guaranteed, and safety accidents frequently occur. Major accidents such as damage to water pipes, gas pipes, and optical cables caused by trenchless construction often occur. In addition, there have been several major accidents during the pipe rehabilitation construction.

5. Lack of corresponding professional talents.

With the rapid development of the trenchless industry, the continuous introduction of new technologies has caused a serious shortage of technicians and management personnel. The low quality of talents will not only cause the various problems mentioned above but also hinder the further introduction and development of trenchless technology in the future. Trenchless rehabilitation is a high-tech industry, involving a wide range of knowledge and technology fields. However, due to the chaos of the trenchless market and the unstable benefits, only a few of the trenchless personnel trained by national colleges and universities are directly engaged in trenchless construction.

6.  The promotion and supervision of trenchless technology lack an effective scientific and technological support platform.

Trenchless construction requires a clear understanding of the underground facilities to achieve the effect of surgical operation. At present, the main way to obtain underground obstacle information is to implement underground pipe inspection before construction starts. However, this method is difficult to get the support and cooperation of the underground facility ownership unit. The location, age, and ownership of many pipelines are unknown, and there is almost no information sharing, which not only causes difficulties for trenchless construction but also creates great obstacles to all underground engineering constructions, highlighting the lack of scientific planning and effective supervision of underground facilities.

7.  Scientific research investment in trenchless technology is seriously insufficient.

Trenchless research work is a business led by social welfare, so its investment should be mainly government investment. However, due to the lack of clear and reliable administrative departments and funding channels, the research and development of trenchless technology lack continuity and systematicity.

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