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The Characteristics a Popular Pipe Endoscope for Pipeline Inspection Should Have

Pipeline endoscope can be used for inspection and observation in places with high temperature, toxicity, nuclear radiation, and places that cannot be directly observed by human eyes. Non-destructive testing can be achieved without disassembly or damage to the assembly and equipment without stopping the operation, and it can also be used for video detection of internal welds, corrosion, blockage, differences, foreign objects, etc. in ventilation pipes, air conditioning pipes, water pipes, and industrial pipelines.

In the cities where we live, various pipelines are arranged everywhere. The use of various pipelines has also facilitated people's lives, such as industrial pipelines, urban sewage pipes, underground detection pipelines, etc. An immaculate street cannot reflect the beauty of the city, and the smooth flow of the urban network can better demonstrate its demeanor. Their appearance has contributed valuable power to the city's environment, but some emergencies cannot be avoided, which will cause different degrees of damage to these pipelines, such as natural disasters causing blockages in sewage pipelines. In this case, in order to find out where the problem occurred in the pipeline, it is necessary to use pipeline endoscope to conduct in-depth exploration inside the pipeline.

The extending limit of the probe of the pipeline endoscope should be large

The emergence of pipeline endoscope is to solve the difficult problem of pipeline problem investigation. Most pipelines are not short, their length can reach several meters, tens of meters, or even hundreds of meters. At this time, in order to better complete the task of pipeline inspection, its probe should have a long extending limit to ensure that the lens can reach the damaged part of the pipeline.

The pipeline endoscope should have light and convenient operation

Because many places that need to use endoscopes for detection are not easy to reach through ordinary channels, these places are often relatively dark. Therefore, the lens of the pipeline endoscope is required to have good lighting function to ensure that the internal situation of the pipeline can be clearly captured. At the same time, because the internal situation of the pipeline is more complicated, the operation mode of the endoscope should be as simple as possible, and the detection task can be completed without copying the operation process.

Generally speaking, the inside of the pipeline is often complicated, so it is required that the pipeline endoscope can be long enough to allow the lens to detect the entire pipeline. It also requires that its lens has sufficient illumination intensity to enable the endoscope to work well in dark conditions, and its operation mode should also be convenient and quick, so that the endoscope can better complete the task in a complex environment.

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