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Characteristics and Application of UV Light Curing Repair System

Ⅰ. Features of UV light curing repair system

1. Fast construction speed

In terms of on-site engineering construction, the operator usually takes about one working day to complete the task from preparation, lining, stamping to cure. The UV light curing repair system can easily handle the problem of temporary drainage pipelines during engineering construction. 

2. Small area occupied by machinery and equipmentIn this construction technique, machinery equipment only needs medium and small UV light and medium and small air compressors, which occupy a small total ground area during construction, have low noise and have little harm to urban traffic.

3. The durability of the lining pipe is greatGlass fiber and unsaturated resin are used as the raw materials for lining repair, which has the advantages of high raw material strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. It can ensure its high performance for nearly half a century, eliminating the problem of underground water level infiltration of the pipeline and ensuring that the problem can be solved at once. The total area of the pipeline section is less damaged, and the surface is smooth, which improves the flow capacity of the pipeline. 

4. Take care of the environment and save resources

No other earth excavation is required in the pipe rehab work. Only the original sewage inspection well is used as the tow hole of raw material. With no earth excavation on the ground, no waste, and no obstruction of traffic, the overall image of the project construction of pipeline earthwork excavation has been greatly improved, and the overall social benefits are good.

Ⅱ. Application of UV light curing repair system

In the previous traditional pipe rehab, although the technique was simple and the construction was carried out with the excavation method, it is not known what problems exist in the underground pipeline. There are too many uncertain factors, which will cause disturbances to the environment and traffic of our city. For areas with a lot of traffic and pedestrian flow, non-excavation repair of pipelines will be considered. Among them, pipelines' UV spot repair system plays a great role, and there is no need to perform pipeline excavation for repair. A comprehensive inspection and view can be carried out through different on-site pipelines to determine the specific cause of the pipeline and the solution. For urban areas and areas with frequent traffic and pedestrian flow, the method of UV light curing and repair should be preferred for construction.

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