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Inserted Lining High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipeline Repair Technology

Inserted lining high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is a brand new pipe rehabilitation technology. The technology is to insert a HDPE pipe of suitable size into the old pipe that needs to be repaired. It takes advantage of the rigidity and strength of the old pipeline as the bearing structure, as well as the characteristics of HDPE pipe's corrosion resistance, wear resistance and permeability resistance, to form a "pipe in pipe" composite structure, so that the repaired pipeline has the comprehensive performance of steel pipe and HDPE pipe. This technology, by using the feature of HDPE pipe that it can automatically recover its original physical shape after deformation, is to retract HDPE pipe with special equipment. Before inserting, the lining pipe is pulled into the target pipe with a certain traction force as well as speed. Then the pulling force is removed and the liner is restored to its original diameter and tightly bonded with the outer pipe. The outer diameter of the lineing pipe is slightly larger than the inner diameter of the original tube. After the lining is completed, the lining pipe and the original tube are firmly combined and the thickness of the liner can be designed according to the needs.

Main Technical Performance:

The Thickness of the Lining pipe is 4 to 20mm;

Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 60℃;

Working Pressure: 1.2 times the working pressure of the original pipe.

Technical features: (Compared with other old pipeline repair methods, the inserted method  for repairing old pipelines has the following characteristics)

  • High pressure bearing capacity;

  • Low requirements for cleaning old pipelines, reducing pigging time and investment;

  • The repair distance is long at a time, the number and workload of the excavation point are small during work;

  • The flange is formed out of the lining pipe, which has good integrity and tightness;

  • The construction period is short, thereby reducing the downtime.

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