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What Are the Types of Pipeline Inspection Robots?

Choosing a reliable pipeline inspection robot is something many operators look forward to because it can solve many small problems that people cannot reach. As the use of humans gradually replaces daily operations, pipeline inspection systems of various types are now introduced.

Basic pipeline inspection robot

Many operators choose to use pipeline inspection robots because of their agility in some underground situations where machines are needed to operate in places that people cannot reach or are limited by size. The cost of the robot itself depends on the material of the product. If customers want to save money, they can use the basic model of the pipeline inspection robot.

Upgraded pipeline inspection robot

In order to meet high standards of use, upgraded pipeline inspection robots have been developed, providing good technical and manual support for high-demand users. Upgraded products can achieve better performance in terms of material and functionality. Some special situations may require a higher level of robot performance, which can be achieved through upgraded products and created a good reputation.

Intelligent pipeline inspection robot

As the robot itself is an intelligent product, with the gradual upgrading of intelligent products, intelligent pipeline inspection robots have become available. When using this product, simply place it at the pipeline inspection site and observe it in real time through the backend monitoring system.

The well-reputed pipeline inspection robots have received many good evaluations during use, with their data acquisition efficiency seen as important. Therefore, the use of these products has received attention and recognition, and the future trend is towards the development of such electronic intelligent products.

Easy-Sight Technology adheres to the ISO quality management system, continuously improving the quality of employees and products. As an intelligent pipeline solution provider, it has obtained certification recognition for ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSA18001 and other management systems. CCTV inspection robots and pipeline periscopes have obtained FCC and CE certifications.

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