Pipe CCTV Inspection Robot


In order to solve the problems of pipeline cracks, leakage, blockage and so on, pipe inspection robots came into being. Video inspection robot carries out drainage pipeline inspection work. The application of pipe inspection technology makes pipeline maintenance personnel easier to check the problems of drainage pipes other than visit the drainage pipe personally as "groundhogs" which effectively improves the level of drainage pipe monitoring. The birth of this type of pipe inspection equipment has changed the traditional manual inspection mode, which is not only convenient for pipeline inspection but also can detect the phenomenon of pipe leakage.


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Pipe Inspection Robot Testimonials

  • Mr Zhong from Macao1
    X5-HS CCTV inspection robot, a very powerful system, just two-pin cable, very easy to repair. The HD camera is really good. We can get very clear video and images.

    Mr Zhong from Macao1

  • Mr Zhong from Macao
    Easy Sight is really doing a great job to design the pipe periscope. It is a very easy-handling product,portable, and with HD camera, really help me a lot in my project.

    Mr Zhong from Macao