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Analysis of Common Faults of Pipe Inspection Robot

In recent years, there have been more and more applications of pipe inspection robots with increasing popularity. Sometimes robots have some common faults and everyone is concerned about how to solve them. Today Easysight will give you some tips for solving the common faults of pipe inspection equipment.

Ⅰ. Pipe inspection robot cannot be turned on


1. Check whether the power cable is properly connected (for those with batteries, check the battery connection line and check whether the battery is charged).

2. Check whether the indicator light of the main switch of the take-up car is always on and if it is on, check whether the controller plug is in good contact.

3. If the indicator light of the controller is on, but there is no display on the screen and the fan inside the controller does not rotate, the reason may be an internal circuit failure. Please do not disassemble or install it without authorization. Please contact the maintenance personnel of the pipe inspection robot manufacturer for maintenance.

Ⅱ. Pipe inspection robot has no image and cannot be controlled


1. Check whether the emergency stop switch is normal. (The working state should be in the state of being pulled out)

2. Check whether the connector at the rear of the car is properly inserted and locked.

3. Check if the cable is in good condition, and see if there is a break or crack.

4. Check whether the camera is well connected and the locking screws are tightened.

5. Check whether the controller software port is set correctly.

6. Check whether the car status of the control software is in the red 90-degree state (the car is in the inclination protection state) and re-calibrate the car's parameters.

7. Whether the plugs are properly inserted.

Ⅲ. Pipe inspection robot can walk but has no image


1. Check whether the camera is plugged in and locked.

2. Switch to the rearview lens to check whether there is an image and if there is an image in the rearview, replace the front view lens.

3. Check whether the rear connector of the car is well connected.

Ⅳ. No meter counting or large error in meter counting in the pipeline robot


1. Check whether the meter counter wheel of the take-up car is in good contact with the cable and whether there is any dirt obstructing the meter wheel.

2. Re-calibrate the meter counting program of the car.

3. Due to software update or reinstallation of the control software, the meter must be re-calibrated (to reduce the error value) and the limit parameters must be changed to replace the original high value of 32 with 10 and re-calibrate the parameters.

Ⅴ. The tail joint of the pipe inspection robot cannot be plugged in


1. Check whether the plug of the car is aligned with the hole position of the connector 1-to-1.

2. Check whether the connector at the rear of the car is deformed.

3. Check whether the core pin of the plug at the rear of the car is misaligned or deformed.

4. Check whether the locking column at the rear of the car body is bent or deformed.

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