What We Need to Pay Attention to when the Pipe Cleaning Machine is Working

The pipe cleaning machine is used to flush and filter the pollutants generated or intruded during the manufacturing, assembly, use and maintenance of the hydraulic system; it can also be used for regular maintenance and filtration of working oil to improve cleanliness and avoid or reduce pollution caused by pollution in order to ensure the high performance, high reliability and long life of hydraulic system equipment.

The important components used in the operation of the sewage pipe cleaning machine include the pipe cleaning sprayer. The jet flow produced by the rear nozzle is used to remove the dirt on the pipe wall while generating forward thrust and backward backflow to push the sprayer forward for cleaning. During the cleaning process, we need to pay special attention to the normal operation of the sprayer to avoid damage to personnel or machinery.

1. Precautions for the operation of the pipe cleaning machine

(1) Before construction, carefully check whether the nozzle is clogged, and deal with it in time if clogging is found.

(2) The pipe cleaning sprayer should be carefully designed and manufactured. The nozzles are evenly distributed on the circumference of the sprayer, and the aperture and inclination angle are completely equal. The main function is to achieve a balanced counter-acting force.

(3) Every time we use the pipe cleaning system, we need to put the sprayer in the about 30cm of the pipe, and then pressurize the sprayer to make it get into the pipe. When the sprayer is pulled out of the pipe after cleaning, we need adjust the pump pressure to zero to avoid the sprayer forming a water hose swinging and hurting the operator.

2. The importance of regular use of pipe cleaning machine

Unscheduled removal of foreign matter in the pipe will cause the pipe to be blocked; in the long-term used pipe, the solidification of the sludge and rust in the pipe will cause the original pipe diameter to become smaller; the hydrogen sulfide gas generated by the precipitation of the sludge in the pipe will cause environmental pollution, which is easy to cause combustion and explosion.

The acid and alkali substances in the waste water are easy to corrode the pipe wall. In the process of pipe manufacturing, storage, transportation and installation, various impurities such as rust and slag, as well as impurities such as dust, sand, and cement, will be generated on the pipe. Rust, rust inhibitor, sediment, etc., will seriously affect the normal use of the pipe.

After the pipe cleaning machine cleans the pipe, a dense chemical passivation film is formed on the clean metal surface. The passivation film can effectively prevent the re-formation of dirt, effectively protect the equipment, effectively ensure the safety of the equipment, and prolong the service life of the equipment.

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