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For Rainwater Pipe Repair, Choose Easysight!

The city is changing with each passing day. The life of residents is getting better and better, skyscrapers, high-rise buildings, apartment buildings, large shopping malls are built better and better. The more ground buildings are built, but the drainage pipe network is also better and stronger, which is related to the quality of people's lives and the safety of life and property. Every flood season, many cities will erupt in waterlogging, and dredging construction teams from professional pipeline rehabilitation companies are needed to complete the dredging operation and ensure the safety of people's livelihood.

1. Application of pipe rehabilitation equipment in the field of municipal pipeline maintenance

In the field of municipal pipeline maintenance, pipe rehabilitation equipment has on-board generators, sewage mud pump, divers airbag block, four unity of poisonous and harmful detector, protective clothing, all kinds of pipe diameter of the balloon, rain sewage pipeline CCTV inspection robot, pipeline periscope detector, UV trenchless pipe rehabilitation equipment, etc, can adapt to all kinds of pipe diameter of desilting, detection, trenchless repair engineering, For all kinds of pipe rehabilitation situation can be fully constructed, the construction plan is complete, always carry out construction safety education for employees, prevent small problems and gradually, safety first.

2. Repair the underground municipal sewage pipes

In view of the rupture, collapse, deformation and dislocation of the underground municipal sewage pipe, it should be repaired in time. The corresponding technical process can be adopted for local repair and the whole pipe rehabilitation. The process has short tube lining repair, UV in situ curing repair, spiral winding method repair, stainless steel double expanding ring repair, polymer coating repair, expanding tube repair, stainless steel sleeve repair and other repair processes. The process is mature, which has been used in the municipal storm sewage pipe rehabilitation project.

3. The role of pipe rehabilitation in pipeline corrosion

If the corrosion is serious, we have to carry out pipe rehabilitation and protection. Common practice is: directly digging out the existing underground pipe, and then replacing it with a new pipe; Coating anticorrosive paint on the inner wall of the pipeline; The CIPP method is used to protect the inner wall of the pipe to avoid further corrosion.

Easysight is a leading manufacturer of pipeline cleaning, testing and repair equipment, providing professional pipe rehabilitation equipment and technical services to underground pipeline operators.

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