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PT-C Video Jetting Nozzle

The PT-C Video Jetting Nozzle is equipped with a camera on the body of the cleaning sprinkler, which has the function of cleaning the drainage pipe while also performing pipe video inspection. The visual sprinkler does not need a cable, and the image is transmitted from the visual sprinkler to the control terminal by radio, and you can choose to watch the live video in front or behind the visual sprinkler.

PT-C Video Jetting Nozzle

PT-C Video Jetting Nozzle Main Parts

  • Model: PT-C

  • Applicable pipe diameter: above 250mm

  • Effective transmission distance of wireless signal: 100m

  • Battery life: more than 8 hours

  • Video: 200W color HD

  • Signal transmission: wireless

  • Weight: 20 kg

  • The high-pressure water flow is 160L/min, and the maximum working pressure of the high-pressure pump is 120bar

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