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Principles and Advantages of Using Robot for NDT Inspection of Underground Pipes

1. The importance of pipe inspection robot

The urban underground pipe network includes urban water supply, drainage, power supply, gas supply and communications, which is an important part of urban infrastructure. Also, it is the "blood vessel" and "nerve", as well as the lifeline of a city. With the rapid development of urban construction, the development and utilization of underground space have increased in recent years. More and more underground pipe networks are  laid in cities. However, the underground pipe network lacks unified and standardized management due to the large number of property rights units involved. Also, incomplete underground pipe network files can result in unclear underground pipe network conditions. Besides, the concealment of the underground pipe network makes it impossible to determine the actual location and buried depth of the pipe network. Damages to the underground pipe network often occur during construction, which brings potential dangers to urban construction management and old city reconstruction.  

If the pipe is not inspected, repaired and cleaned up timely, then accidents may occur and lead to unnecessary losses. However, it is very difficult to detect and clean because the environment in which the pipe is located is often difficult to directly reach or not allow people to enter directly. Therefore, one of the most effective methods is to use the pipe inspection robot to achieve online inspection, maintenance and cleaning in the pipe.          

2. Advantages of using the underground pipe inspection robot for NDT pipeline inspection

(1) It has high security. 

The pipe inspection robot can enter the pipe to find out its internal situation or eliminate potential dangers. There are often greater safety risks with manual operation, and the labor intensity is high, which is harmful to the health of workers. The intelligent operation of the Easysight pipe inspection robot can effectively improve the safety performance of the operation.

(2) It can save labor. 

The industrial pipe inspection robot is small and lightweight and it can be operated by one person. The controller can be loaded on the vehicle, which saves labor and space.  

(3) It can improve efficiency and quality. 

The intelligent operation positioning of the Easysight pipe robot is accurate, and it can display real-time information such as date and time, tractor inclination (pipe slope), air pressure, creepage distance (meters of the line), laser measurement results, azimuth angle (optional), etc. Also, it can set the display status of information through the function keys and the lens view of the clock display (pipe defect position).  

(4) It has a high protection level. 

There is no need to worry about quality issues because the camera has a high level of protection with airtight protection, and the material is waterproof, rust and corrosion-resistant.

(5) It has a high-precision cable tray with optional length, which does not affect each other when retracting and unwinding. 

The pipe inspection robot for sale is suitable for all types of pipes with a diameter of 100 mm-2000 mm. It can not only improve the accuracy of operations but also save labor and improve production efficiency. In addition, it can easily find out the internal causes of the pipe and maintain it in some environments that are not suitable for manual operation.  

Faults and damages in the pipe can be easily found with the help of the pipe inspection robot, which not only saves manpower but also reduces the amount of construction and greatly enhances work efficiency.

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