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Advantages of Pipeline CCTV Survey in Performance

Currently, CCTV survey of pipelines has been widely used in the detection of urban drainage pipelines and is the mainstream pipeline inspection equipment in various cities. Its emergence can fundamentally solve the problem of difficult underground pipeline detection in the past, and it is efficient, safe, and low-cost, which can replace manual pipeline operations, ensuring the personal safety of construction personnel. Today, we will take a look at its advantages in performance.

Practical application of CCTV survey

This pipeline robot inspection equipment can not only detect blockages in the pipeline but also detect the material, diameter, water leakage, damage, and other situations of the pipeline. Regular inspection of pipelines with this equipment can protect the pipeline, identify problems and their causes in a timely manner, and make the drainage pipeline longer-lasting, also preventing various accidents.

Comprehensive Role of CCTV survey

The municipal workers responsible for this work can clearly see which part of the underground pipeline has holes, which part has been leveled, and which part has particularly much sludge through the 360-degree no-dead-angle high-definition monitor installed on the device. It is not difficult to understand that this is an intelligent device used to detect the conditions of rainwater pipes, instead of the original method of workers visually inspecting the inside of the pipeline.

Cost-saving of CCTV survey

Problems found during the pipeline CCTV survey will be recorded, and then the subsequent repair projects will follow. You need to shower before seeing where you need to clean! In order to ensure the smooth operation of the rainwater network, routine maintenance requires dredging and excavation of the pipe network once every quarter, and the pre-inspection cleaning and dredging is equivalent to an additional one.

In addition, the size of the pipeline CCTV survey equipment is small, which can shuttle flexibly in pipes of different diameters and conditions for detailed and clear inspection. It also has strong off-road capabilities, and it can easily pass through common obstacles inside the equipment. It also has an accurate positioning system, which can accurately locate the location of the fault.

The CCTV survey system consists of three parts: the main controller, cable car, and crawler. The main controller can be installed in a car, and the operator controls the forward speed and direction of the crawler in the pipeline through the main controller and controls the camera to transmit the video image inside the pipeline to the main control display screen through the cable. The operator can monitor the internal condition of the pipeline in real-time and store the original image record for further analysis. After completing the outdoor work of CCTV survey of the pipeline, according to the video material of the inspection, the pipeline defect is coded, the defect picture is grabbed, and the inspection report is written. Based on the user's requirements, the video data is processed, and the video tape or CD-ROM is stored to guide future pipeline repair work.

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