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X5-HMA4 CCTV Inspection Crawler

X5-HMA pipeline CCTV inspection robot is a high-definition pipeline CCTV inspection robot, which can be controlled by a personal notebook computer or a dedicated controller. A laptop computer or a dedicated controller is connected to other parts of the system through a wireless (wired) method, and displays and stores high-definition detection videos in real-time.

X5-HMA4 CCTV Inspection Crawler

X5-HMA CCTV Pipe Crawler Main Parts

X5-HMA Crawler
X5-HMA Crawler
  • Suitable for pipe DN150-300

  • 6-wheel-drive IP68 up to 10m water depth

  • Include pressure sensor, inclination sensor, roll and pitch sensor

  • Power supply: cable reel Motor: 2x25W DC

  • Speed: Max 15m/min Inclination: Max 45°

  • Working ambient temperature: -10℃~50℃

  • Material: Brass nickel-plating stainless steel

  • Compatible with X5-H series camera

  • Dimension( LxWxH): 385x120x102.5mm

  • Weight: about 11.5 kg

Cable Reel
Cable Reel
  • Cable length: 150m

  • Motor-driven

  • 4-pin cable, drawing anti-Kevlar 300 kg, imported polyurethane sheath, cable diameter <6mm, waterproof, wear, acid, corrosion.

  • Cable retracting automatically or manually

  • Accurate cable counter, devition within 1mm

  • Compatible with Easy-Sight X5-H series crawlers and X4 sonar inspection system

  • Protection class: IP63

  • Dimension( LxWxH): 570x395x475mm

  • Weight: about 45 kg( with 150m cable)

Main Controller
Main Controller

Regular computer or tablet can be used at main controller with build-in inspection collection software. Both main controller and joystick can control the crawler forward, back and turn, camera rotating, light and so on.

HD Axial Camera
HD Axial Camera
  • Working ambient temperature: -10℃~50℃

  • Light source: 6x 3W LED light

  • Lens: color 1/3”, 2592*1520, CMOS, viewing angle 6.7°-68°,sensitive 0.1 lux, auto-focusing

  • Dimension( LxWxH): 100x75x75mm

  • Weight: about 0.6kg

X5-HMA CCTV Pipe Crawler Robot Advantages

Remote Inspection: CCTV pipe crawler robots are designed to navigate through pipes, tunnels, and other confined spaces, allowing operators to remotely inspect the condition of these areas without physical presence.

High-Quality Imaging: These robots are equipped with high-resolution cameras that provide clear and detailed visuals of the internal condition of pipes. This helps identify defects, blockages, leaks, and other issues.

Safety Enhancement: Inspecting hazardous environments, such as sewer systems or industrial pipelines, can be risky for humans. Robotic crawlers help improve safety by eliminating the need for human entry.

Adaptable Attachments: The X5-HMA robot can be equipped with various attachments, such as cleaning tools or repair devices. This adaptability enables it to not only inspect but also perform maintenance tasks if necessary.

Accurate Mapping: The robot's navigation system and imaging capabilities allow it to create accurate maps of the pipeline's interior. These maps aid in visualizing the pipeline layout and identifying potential problem areas.

X5-HMA CCTV Pipe Crawler Robot Applications

Municipal Sewer and Drain Inspection: The robot is adept at navigating through sewer and drainage pipes to conduct thorough inspections. It can identify blockages, cracks, leaks, and other structural issues, enabling timely maintenance and preventing potential sewage overflows.

Industrial Pipe Monitoring: In industrial settings, the X5-HMA can be utilized to monitor pipes within manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, and refineries. It can help detect corrosion, scale buildup, or other defects that might compromise the integrity of the pipes and machinery.

Water Supply Infrastructure: The robot can be used for inspecting water supply pipelines, ensuring the quality and safety of drinking water. It can identify potential contaminants, leaks, and corrosion, allowing for swift corrective actions.

Oil and Gas Pipelines: The X5-HMA can navigate through oil and gas pipelines to detect any issues such as corrosion, structural damage, or leaks. This is crucial for preventing environmental hazards and maintaining the efficiency of the pipelines.

Underwater Pipeline Inspection: It's also capable of performing underwater pipeline inspections, making it valuable for marine applications, such as inspecting underwater cables, sewage outfalls, and offshore pipelines.

Environmental Monitoring: The robot can help monitor environmental conditions by surveying pipes that transport hazardous materials or chemicals. It ensures compliance with environmental regulations and identifies any potential risks.

Construction Site Inspections: During construction or renovation projects, the X5-HMA can be used to inspect newly installed pipes before they are put into operation. This helps ensure that the pipes are correctly positioned and free from defects.

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