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Urban Drainage Online Monitoring and Management System Forms "urban Drainage Internet of Things"

1. Design framework of urban drainage online monitoring and management system

The urban drainage online monitoring and management system is based on the geographic information system (GIS), applies the Internet of Things technology, establishes a real-time data collection platform, and collects the real-time data such as liquid level, flow rate, flow capacity and combustible gas concentration (biogas) of the drainage pipe network, the real situation of drainage manhole covers, the status of water accumulation in cities and low-lying areas and related videos through smart drainage system. The system is also organically integrated using visualization methods to form an intelligent pipe solution - Urban Drainage Internet of Things, which is convenient for timely and effective understanding of the urban drainage environment monitor and track governance.

2. System software function

The smart drainage system software mainly consists of online monitoring management, pipe health assessment, basic data management, alarm definition management, statistical analysis, auxiliary decision-making and system management functional module.

3. System login

To ensure the security and traceability of system data, the login software requires a user name and password. The system will record the time of the user's login and location, that is, the IP address, and the operation log of the system such as addition, deletion, modification, and query, which is the effective pipeline management of the drainage network.

4. Alarm settings

The alarm setting is used to flexibly set the alarm threshold of the monitoring data of each monitoring point, as well as the alarm value of the operating conditions of the sensing device itself (such as battery power, etc.). The alarm value can be set to multiple levels according to the needs of monitoring parameters. After the alarm is set, the system will process and analyze the collected data in time, trigger and record the alarm information according to various alarm rules. Alarm information can be printed and output as EXCEL files.

Drainage pipe network monitoring data alarm value: pipe network liquid level, flow rate, flow capacity, combustible gas concentration (biogas), manhole cover displacement and other thresholds; alarm value of sensing device operating status parameter: device battery power, device maintenance, overhaul period, device obsolescence and other alert levels.

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