Application and Notes for Pipe Cleaning Machine

The pipe cleaning machine is used to wash and filter the pollutants generated or intruded during the manufacturing, assembly, use, and maintenance of the hydraulic system; it can also be used for the regular maintenance and filtration of the working oil, to improve the cleanliness, avoid or reduce the faults caused by pollution, to ensure the high performance, high reliability and long life of the hydraulic system equipment.

I. Application of pipe cleaning machine

It is suitable for underground pipe cleaning, ground pipelines cleaning, gas pipelines, oil, sludge, debris, tree roots, and cement slurry blocks in the flue. Cleaning of residential areas, government schools, hotels, office buildings, municipal pipe networks, and other water pipes, sewage pipes, heating pipes, and water treatment devices on the scale. For example:

(1) Various specifications of the water pipeline, industrial water pipeline, industrial and mining enterprises sewage pipeline, gas pipeline, flue, oil pipeline, and two-phase flow pipeline.

(2) All kinds of heat exchangers, condensers, air preheaters, and other structures.

(3) Salt scale and alkali scale of various boilers.

(4) Grease and other hard binders for all kinds of tanks and containers.

(5) Scale of heating system (special treatment required).

(6) Attachments on the internal and external surfaces of various large buildings, normal buildings, and equipment.

II. Notes for use of pipe cleaning machine

1. A single three-pole plug and socket with good protective grounding must be used for the high-voltage drain unblocking machine.

2. After the pipeline is blocked, it is easy to cause ponding in the worksite. When using the pipe cleaning equipment in the ponding and humid environment, corresponding protective measures should be taken, such as using the leakage protector and placing the host in a dry position without ponding. The operator shall wear insulating gloves, shoes, or stand on the insulating mat.

3. When using and wiping the high-voltage sewer drain unblocking machine, the water in the main engine should be prevented. The machine with water in it shall not be used until it is dry.

4. Fuse with rated voltage and standard capacity shall be used for high-voltage sewer unblocking machine, instead of metal wire and other substitutes.

5. Do not pull the power cord when moving the machine or unplugging the plug.

6. When working in a narrow place or special environment (such as boiler room, pipeline, wet area), there should be guardianship.

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