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About CIPP Technology

CIPP technology is an underground pipeline repair technology in the trenchless industry. It originated in the United Kingdom in the 1970s and is by far the most widely used underground pipeline repair technology in the world. CIPP technology construction process generally adopts the flip type or traction type.

1. CIPP technology process classification

The flip installation method of CIPP rehabilitation is to continuously flip the inside of the resin-soaked hose outward to complete the installation. At the beginning, the inner side of the hose is facing out, connected to a top ring, and fixed to the nozzle. After that, continue to provide suitable hydrostatic pressure in the tube, thereby pushing the hose to continuously turn over. During the overturning process, the overturned soft liner is tightly attached to the inner wall of the main pipe under the action of the expansion force to form a new dense protective layer.

The traction lining method is to transport the hose material impregnated with thermosetting resin to the construction site, insert the material into the old pipe by traction, and then pressurize it to expand and close to the inner wall of the pipe. The method of heating and curing is similar to that of the flip type. Generally, hot water, steam spray, or ultraviolet heating are used for heating and curing.

2. CIPP technology features

(1) Short construction time

On-site construction from preparation, lining, pressurization, and curing generally only takes about 8 hours to complete, which can easily solve the temporary drainage problems during construction.

(2) The equipment occupies a small area

CIPP technology only needs a small ultraviolet light and a small air compressor, which occupies a small road area during construction with low noise and little impact on road traffic.

(3) The lining pipe is durable and practical

Glass fiber and unsaturated resin are used as lining repair materials, which have the advantages of high material strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. The durability can be up to 50 years, so it can completely solve the problem of groundwater infiltration in the pipeline and achieve once and for all. The pipe section has a small area loss and a smooth surface, which improves the flow capacity of the pipe.

(4) Environmentally friendly and resource-saving

The repair work does not require any excavation but uses the original inspection well as the material pull-in hole, without road excavation, garbage, or blocking the traffic. It greatly improves the image of pipeline excavation and construction, and provides better overall social and economic benefits.

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