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Application of CCTV Pipe Inspection Equipment in Water Loss Control of Heat-supply Network

1. Composition and working principle of CCTV pipe inspection equipment

CCTV pipe inspection equipment is a complete pipe endoscopic inspection system, which is composed of cable reel, guide car, camera, control unit, host monitoring display and others. According to the way the CCTV sewer inspection equipment for sale is advanced, it can be divided into two types: electric and manual.

Its working principle is to put the CCTV pipe inspection equipment into the heating pipe network to detect the pipe defects such as fouling, blockage, corrosion, and cracks in the pipe and the positioning information of the compensator. The camera information and data are are transmitted to the monitoring host in real time through cable signals, and through professional software processing and analysis tools, the problems and defects in the pipe are evaluated, and the real working conditions and current status of the pipe network are grasped, providing a scientific basis for the subsequent work to formulate solutions and playing a positive role in the treatment of hidden dangers in the heating pipe network and the prevention of pipe bursts.

2. Application environment and conditions of CCTV pipe inspection equipment

Although CCTV pipe inspection equipment has outstanding advantages, it is also subject to various conditions, working situations and environmental restrictions. The main application conditions are as follows:

a. The accumulated water in the pipe shall not exceed 20% of the liquid level in the pipe; 

b. There should not be too much silt, scaling, and debris in the pipe; 

c. Only by opening holes at both ends and purging to reduce atomization; 

d. The hidden dangers and hazards of hole openings may be at risk in the future.

3. Pipeline robot detection ideas

The specific detection idea of CCTV pipe detection equipment is to lock suspicious pipes through sound detection or shutting down the water according to the water replenishment and pressure holding of the pipe network and the needs of detection. Then, after disassembling the valve or pipe opening, cleaning and purging with high-pressure water, the sewer inspection robot is put into the pipe network to detect the internal situation of the pipe, the data is uploaded to the monitor in real-time, and the defects of the pipe network are evaluated through the processing and analysis of software.

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