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Four Hidden Dangers of Sewage Pipe Blockage and Construction Methods for Dredging Pipes

1. The problem of sewer blockage is very common

Sewer blockage is a common problem in our lives. Finding the cause of sewer blockage is of great help in solving the problem. The main causes of sewer blockage are the following.

2.Four hidden dangers of sewage pipe blockage and dredging methods

(1). Sewer blockage caused by pipe collapse or pipe dislocation

This kind of blockage generally occurs on the ground floor and in outdoor sewers. There is no good solution: just find the exact location of the collapse or the dislocation, and replace the pipe after digging.

(2). Sewer blockage caused by a hard object

It is very common to accidentally fall a hard object into the sewer and block it during use. Some people did not cover the floor drain properly, which caused  some small things to fall into the sewer pipe and blockage happened. How to solve it? If you can still see it with naked eyes, you have to use a hook-like tool to take out the foreign object or try a vacuum cleaner. If you can’t see it, you can try a household vacuum cleaner, for sometimes it will have unexpected results. If it still does not work, then you have to use professional drain unblocking equipment. It is best to find a professional pipe dredging company to solve it, such as Wuhan Easy-Sight Technology Co., Ltd. a top pipeline inspection company. We can provide you with the best quality drain unblocking machine to help you solve the problem of pipe blockage.

(3). Sewer blockage caused by hair

After the sewer is used for a period of time, the hair that usually drops during the shower will hang on the pipe wall, and if it accumulates, it will cause blockage. Hair generally causes the toilet floor drain blockage, washbasin blockage, bathtub blockage, and shower room blockage. Therefore, the floor drain cover and other protective facilities should be covered during daily use. If you see hair on the ground, pick it up and throw it in the trash can.

(4). Sewer blockage caused by grease

Grease stain blocking the sewer generally occurs in the kitchen, usually caused by serious fouling on the inner wall of the pipe, making the sewer to be blocked. The dredging machine can be used in minor cases. If the situation is serious, simple dredging methods cannot be used, for the circle of dredging and blockage will happen repeatedly, which is vicious. To solve it completely, the only way is to to clean the inner wall of the pipe with a high-pressure water tanker or replace the pipe with a new one.

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