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What Is the Inspection Process for Pipeline UV Light Curing Repair?

We understand the technical advantages and repair principles of pipeline ultraviolet light curing repair system. Of course, there is a testing process before the technology operation, and some dredging and other construction that are often seen in non-excavation repair of pipelines. Today we will talk about the testing process of ultraviolet light curing repair and the cleaning and testing process plan as follows:

(1) Pump out the sludge and sewage in the well, determine the pipeline of the dredging section, and carry out segmented operation. According to the total length, the inspection well of the same pipe length is used as a segment.

(2) Inject high pressure water into the well and use a pipeline dredge machine to check and observe the silt in the pipeline. When using sludge analysis, the machine needs to be manually operated for continuous processing.

(3) Use a vacuum truck to pump out the sludge in the pipeline. If there is still some sludge on both sides, it can be washed by a high-pressure water tank and decomposed and pumped again.

(4) Set up closure and cut processing: block the water inlet, then block the outlet and other passages, leaving only the water inlet and the outlet of the segment.

(5) Pipeline dredging with high-pressure cleaning car: Use a high-pressure cleaning car to dredge the pipeline, fill the upper drainage inspection well with high-pressure cleaning car water, pointing the outlet towards the pipeline flow direction and discharging water, and the lower drainage inspection well will again pump out the sludge in the pipeline.

(6) Ventilation workers enter the drainage inspection well, oxygen in the air must be added to the drainage inspection well, or use a blower, electric motor to carry out ventilation. In pipeline rehab, the composition of oxygen in the pipeline must be detected. When workers enter the pipeline, they must wear a safety belt buckle, gas mask, and oxygen tank.

(7) Silt treatment: After the safety protection measures for workers have been arranged, the remaining bricks, stones, and part of the sludge in the drainage inspection well will be cleared manually until the clearance work is completed. Then, according to the above detailed instructions, the sludge treatment for each segment of the lower drainage inspection well will be carried out. During the sludge treatment period of the project, the upper drainage inspection wells that have been cleared first are blocked to prevent the mud from entering the pipeline or when water is injected into the pipeline during the lower project construction period, it is injected into the upper drainage inspection well and the pipeline. Drainage and sewage pipe cleaning and maintenance workers use equipment to assist and manually excavate the sludge in the road drainage pipes and sewage pipes.

(8) Cleaning: Use an excavator to find a vacant land to accumulate and dry the sludge cleaned from the drainage pipe, sewage pipe, and sewage pipe.

The above is about the cleaning and testing process of the pipeline ultraviolet light curing repair system.

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