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Installation and Use of Pipe Periscope

In the process of some engineering construction, it is not suitable to use manual verification and inspection for environmental surveys in many scenarios. Therefore, in order to speed up the progress of engineering construction, pipe periscopes are often used for detection. The pipeline environment is not open for a long time. It is uncertain, and there may be many hidden risk factors, for which it has various countermeasures and plans.

1. Installation and operation of the pipe periscope

(1) The slot on the head of the telescopic rod is aligned with the opening side of the periscope hoop. After the handle is buckled, it needs to be fixed to the camera assembly. In the later installation, only two people are required to cooperate. One person can hold the telescopic rod while the other person can install the battery. It should be noted that the power supply of the pipe periscope should be turned off during the battery installation.

(2) Adjust the length of the telescopic rod according to the depth of the pipeline. This process is to enable the periscope to detect the environment in the pipeline normally. The control and operation of the pipe periscope is not a complicated process. With the help of the software in the mobile phone, it can be remotely controlled, and the shooting and detection of the pipeline conditions during the downhole inspection can be completed.

Ⅱ. The role of the pipe periscope

The appearance of the pipe periscope is of great help to the rapid detection and diagnosis of defects such as blockage, collapse, and rupture inside the pipeline. The pitch of the nose is controlled by the pan-tilt operation, so as to obtain clear image information at the location of the pipeline defect, and at the same time, it can be Defects are coded and described in text, and the characters are superimposed on the recorded video file. The pipe periscope realizes the rapid and efficient survey of drainage pipelines and the effective formulation of maintenance and maintenance plans.

In the face of complex and even potentially dangerous environments, the emergence of pipe periscopes solves a major problem that may be encountered in pipeline inspection. No matter what kind of device there is no way to resist the erosion of time, plus there is no manual maintenance for a long time, and the internal situation of the pipeline cannot be determined, the appearance of this pipeline inspection technology has provided great help in various aspects.

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