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X4 Pipe Sonar System

X4 Pipeline Sonar Sewer Inspection Equipment/System is mainly used for the detection of water-carrying pipes (full water or above 2/3 of the water level), inspection wells, or underground cavities. It automatically analyzes and extracts the inner wall contour, establishes a three-dimensional model, and performs the quantitative analysis.

X4 Pipe Sonar System

X4 Sonar Pipe Inspection Equipment/System Main Parts

Sonar Probe
Sonar Probe
  • Size: total length: 485mm, diameter: 70mm;

  • Material: aluminum alloy shell;

  • Waterproof: IP68;

  • Operating temperature: 0~40℃;

  • Storage temperature: -20~70℃;

  • Weight in air: 2.7kg;

  • Acoustic frequency: 1MHz;

  • Beam width: 1.1deg (-3db), conical beam;

  • Range resolution (0.125m range) : 0.5mm;

  • Maximum applicable pipe diameter: 6000mm;

  • Transmitting pulse width: 4~20us;

  • Receiving bandwidth: 500KHz;

  • Power supply: 48V dc;

Cable Reel
Cable Reel
  • Cable length: 150m (customizable)

  • Motor-driven

  • 2-pin cable, drawing anti-Kevlar 300 kg, imported polyurethane sheath, cable diameter <6mm, waterproof, wear, acid, corrosion.

  • Cable retracting automatically or manually 

  • Accurate cable counter, devition within 1mm

  • Compatible with Easy-Sight X5-H series crawlers and X4 sonar inspection system

  • Protection class: IP63

  • Dimension( LxWxH): 570x395x475mm

  • Weight: about 45 kg( with 150m cable)

Main Controller
Main Controller

Regular computer or tablet can be used at main controller with build-in inspection collection software. Both main controller and joystick can control the crawler forward, back and turn, camera rotating, light and so on. Equipped with PipeSonar pipeline sonar imaging analysis report software, installed on the computer, and connected to the cable tray via WIFI line, used for real-time display and collection of inspection images during the inspection process, and can perform contour extraction, interpretation analysis, three-dimensional reconstruction and Report output.

Probe Floating Bucket
Probe Floating Bucket
  • Materials: stainless steel,suitable pipe width: DN300mm~6000mm; 

  • Size:220mm * 70mm * 400mm; 

  • Weight:2kg; 

  • Flotage: 5kg.

Sonar sewer inspection system advantages

Sonar sewer inspection systems offer several advantages for assessing the condition of underground sewer infrastructure.

  1. Non-Destructive Testing: Sonar inspection is a non-destructive testing method, which means it doesn't require physical access to the sewer system or any invasive procedures. This helps in minimizing disruption to the sewer network and reduces the need for extensive excavation.

  2. Comprehensive Imaging: Sonar technology can provide comprehensive imaging of the internal structure of sewer pipes. It generates detailed visualizations of the pipe's interior, allowing inspectors to identify cracks, corrosion, blockages, root intrusions, and other issues.

  3. Accurate Mapping: Sonar systems can create accurate maps of sewer systems, including pipe shapes, sizes, and lengths. This information is crucial for planning maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

  4. Remote Operation: Sonar inspections can often be conducted remotely, minimizing the need for personnel to physically enter hazardous or difficult-to-reach environments. This improves safety and reduces potential health risks for workers.

  5. Real-Time Data: Many sonar sewer inspection systems provide real-time data analysis. This enables inspectors to make immediate decisions based on the information they're receiving, which is particularly valuable for addressing urgent issues.

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