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Easy-Sight Products Protect the Smart Drainage System

Wuhan Easy-Sight Technology Co,.Ltd, found in Nov,2000, in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, is a leading provider of intelligent pipeline solutions, which including pipe cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation equipment.

Featured Pipeline Maintenance Products

High definition is the most representative advantage of Easy-Sight products for effective pipeline management. The X1-H4 pipe periscope can give you a quick inspection of your pipe so you can decide what is next move. X5H series robots are designed for different size pipes. The newly designed screw type crawler is a multi-sensor device equipped with CCTV, sonar and ladar.

Why Easy-Sight

Wuhan Easy-Sight Technology Co., Ltd, found in Nov 2000, in Wuhan, Hubei province, China, is a leading producer of pipe cleaning, inspection, and rehabilitation equipment. In July 2015, Easy-Sight successfully became the first listed company on the New Third Board in the industry in China with a stock code of 833122. As a team with over 300 employees, Easy Sight is dedicated to providing a whole series of sewer industry products and systems to meet customers' different requirements.

Easy Sight main products include pipe periscope (Quickview), CCTV inspection robots, pipe sonar system, sonar-CCTV system, push rod camera, video jetting nozzle, UV curing rehabilitation system, 3D manhole scanner, GIS data management system and so on.

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Market We Served

Easy-Sight as a newly emerging provider in international market, has been booming for the past few years, with customers from more than 30 countries.


Company News

  • Q How Long is the Pipe Periscope Length

    The standard lenght is 7.1m, we can customize longer up to 25m.

  • Q What is the Longest Cable You Can Provide

    Our standard cable length is 150m, can customize 300m or longer up to 2000m. The cable is only two-pin and easy to do the repair.

  • Q What is the Definition of Camera? Is it Pan & Tilt Camera

    We have two cameras. Both of them is HD camera, 4 megapixels, 10X optical, 12X digital zoom. The red one can rotate 360 degree, pan& tilt; The small silver one is axial camera. Both of them are compatible with all of our CCTV inspection crawlers.

  • Q Are There Any Requirements for The Main Control of Inspection Robots

    You can choose any tablet or computer ( windows or android system) as the main control, no special requirements for the configuration.

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