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Which Scenarios Are Suitable for Pipe Periscope

Pipe periscope is a variety of electronic photography equipment, pipeline reflects the main use of periscope in all kinds of pipelines, periscope reflects the equipment can be difficult to detect the naked eye in small pipes for shooting observation. A good pipe periscope has its specific use in many scenarios, so which scenarios are suitable for pipe periscope?

1. Pipe periscope used by municipal manhole covers

Usually seen people in the streets and roads manhole covers. In fact, there are many kinds of classification, have been used as a power maintenance diving pipe, also have reflux is used as a wastewater recycling pipeline, sometimes cannot verify the dangerous situation can be used for pipe periscope into probing, without artificial complex protective clothing and traction equipment into the dangerous environment on the influence of the technical personnel ruling out the outside world.

2. Pipe periscope used in residential buildings

Residential is also one of the key usage scenarios of pipe periscope. People are usually involved hutch of slender pipe drainage pipes and water diversion pipelines. The residents living within the building are designed to external resources such as central heating and gas pipelines. The elongated metal pipes need to be taken a periscope to enter, possible clogging pipes and tiny fracture periscope can be detailed exploration.

3. Pipe periscope used for automobile maintenance

Car maintenance process will also have to use pipe periscope, in every part and component in the car with plenty of pipe parts, as is common exhaust pipe sublimation is residual exhaust pollutants, artificial to detect need to wear gloves when armor can be carried out, but after the periscope can put further work status inside the discharge tube.

The pipe periscope of reliable quality can penetrate into all kinds of problems that may occur in residents' daily necessities. The use of pipe periscope by the corresponding maintenance personnel of property and home facilities can greatly improve work efficiency, simplify the difficulty of maintenance to a certain extent in the process of identifying the problems of facilities, and make full preparation for the preliminary work of maintenance work by identifying the problems.

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