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X1-H4 Pipe Periscope

With HD rotary camera, laser measurement , X1-H4 pipe periscope can mainly be used for quick detection of internal conditions of industrial container or pipeline.

X1-H4 Pipe Periscope Main Parts

X1-H4 X1-H4
  • Suitable for pipe DN100-2000;

  • Working Temperature:-20℃~50℃;

  • Image sensor:Color 1/2.8  Progressive scanning CMOS

  • Image resolution:PAL. 1920*1080,2.1 megapixel

  • Rotation angle:up 35°,down 25°

  • Zoom:30x optical,manual or auto focusing;

  • luminous sensitivity (minimum illumination): 0.01LX

  • Waterproof: IP68;

  • Distance-measuring precision: ±0.001mm

  • Distance-measuring range: 0.2m~80m;

  • Telescopic pole length: standard 8.8m, can customize up to 25m

  • Main control: Windows or Android tablet, or Android phone can be used

  • Lighting: can move along with camera probe.With main and auxiliary lighting. Main lighting is with2X 10W LED. There are 8X3W LED as auxiliary lighting. Effective irradiation distance is 1-100meters;


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