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Several Common Pipe Inspection Equipment

Regular inspection inside various pipelines is necessary but very difficult because the pipeline is a confined space, it is very dangerous for personnel to enter the work directly, and it is inconvenient to move due to the limitation of the narrow space. But the emergence of various pipeline testing equipment perfectly solves this problem. These devices truly reflect the internal conditions of the pipeline through light, electricity, sound waves and other means, and provide real basic information for pipeline maintenance and repair work in a very safe and efficient manner. Today, Easysight will take you to get to know these devices together.

1. CCTV inspection trolley pipe inspection equipment

CCTV detection, also known as TV detection, is a kind of precision TV detection equipment. It is mainly used for the complete acceptance of new pipelines, pipeline inspection of the health status (maintenance and repair requirements) of pipelines in operation, an inspection of cleaning and dredging effects, inspection before and after non-excavation repairs, etc. In particular, the pipe inspection equipment can be used with an automatic inspection trolley, has strong mobility, and can complete real-time video in the pipeline in all directions without dead ends.

2. Periscope pipe inspection equipment

Pipeline periscope is a rapid detection technology, using the adjustable length control rod to put the high-definition probe with adjustable focus into the inspection well, the staff records and saves the internal image of the detected object in real-time through the main controller on the ground, which can be quickly and quickly Capture and save the defect image, and the pipeline periscope can enter the detection information through the keyboard to be superimposed and displayed and saved in the video screen. It is highly integrated, small and light.

3. Sonar pipe inspection equipment

The pipe inspection system is a kind of equipment used to detect the quantitative analysis of pipeline deformation sludge using the principle of sound wave reflection. It is suitable for internal inspection of pipelines full of water or high water level without precipitation conditions. This requires strong expertise and technology in operation.

In addition, there is an electrical leak detection pipeline detection equipment, which uses a focused currently to quickly locate pipeline leaks during operation. It is not affected by the substances in the pipeline and can find some cracks that are hidden dangers, but it is not suitable for daily pipeline inspection.

With the development of artificial intelligence and the industrial robot industry, many automatic inspection robots have been launched into the market in recent years. It is developed on the basis of the above detection equipment, but it can complete automatic inspection, automatic analysis, and automatic Intelligent work such as reporting hidden dangers is quite convenient to use.

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