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The Working Principle of the Pipe Endoscope

Everyone knows that if there are some diseases in our intestines and stomach, the doctor in the hospital will arrange for us to do a gastroscope. A gastroscope is a kind of endoscope. When we cannot observe the disease with the naked eye, we use an endoscope to take an image, which will show it. Like our intestines and stomachs, the pipes are often long and tortuous and difficult to observe with the naked eye. In the event of a malfunction or safety check, you need to use a pipe endoscope to help. Then the following is an introduction. 

Ⅰ. The working principle of the pipe endoscope

The working principle of the pipe endoscope is relatively simple. Its core part is the controller, which can issue instructions to control the endoscope and display and store the captured images. The crawler has a snake-like appearance and can crawl by following the directions inside the pipe. When it detects obstructions, it may automatically avoid them. A camera and lighting equipment are mounted on the crawler's head. The name is the same as the function. It is in charge of communicating the internal situation to make problem-solving more efficient. In addition, the endoscope plays more functions besides as an "eye". It can also carry other detection (repair) equipment to the faulty area for detection (repair). 

Ⅱ. Features of pipe endoscope

After understanding the working principle of the pipe endoscope, let Easysight introduce its features. The first feature is that it has an automatic lifting adjustment function, which ensures that the front-end camera and lighting equipment are always in a moderate position inside the pipeline to observe and that the shooting is clear; the second feature is that it is relatively portable, easy to operate, and easy to run. The third benefit is that the service life is fairly long, the low failure rate, and the reduced maintenance expenses. The third feature is that the service life is relatively long, the failure rate is relatively low, and many maintenance costs are saved.  

The existence of the pipe endoscope can effectively repair the pipeline. In some places that are difficult to visit by humans, such as places with fires, earthquake ruins, and places with high radiation, this kind of endoscope can also be used for maintenance to protect people's health and ensure their more safe work. After reading this introduction, you should understand the principles and advantages of endoscopes, and you can choose the right equipment when you need it.

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