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In Which Situations are CCTV Pipeline Inspection Better to Use

1. Introduction to CCTV pipeline inspection

Compared with the traditional manual detection method, CCTV pipeline inspection is more safe and more convenient. With the continuous progress of technology, CCTV pipeline inspection technology is more and more advanced, and its inspection effect in the pipeline inspection industry is also very good.


The CCTV pipeline inspection method is an image communication detection system, which is to place the camera equipment in the drainage pipeline through the form of CCTV, after the shooting data is transmitted to the computer, the image communication detection system is visually displayed and recorded on the terminal TV screen. CCTV pipeline inspection system generally includes camera systems, lighting systems, crawlers, cable reels, controllers, computers, and related software. It is suitable for the detection of the low water level in the pipeline, and can comprehensively check the structural and functional status of the drainage pipe.

2. The application of CCTV pipeline inspection

In view of the characteristics of CCTV pipe inspection equipment, it is better to use it in the following situations:

1) It is suitable for detecting pipeline without water or with a low water level. Therefore, before using the CCTV robot detection system for pipeline detection, the pipeline must be dewatered and cleaned. The water level (calculated by diameter) in the pipe should not be greater than 20% of the pipe diameter. The camera should not be submerged, and there should be no soil cover on the inner wall of the pipeline. And the cost of plugging and flushing the old pipeline is high.

2) The applicable pipe diameter ranges from 150mm to 2000mm. It is mainly affected by the size of the crawler and the ability of the camera. With the reduction of the size of the device and the improvement of the camera ability, the scope of the application can be further expanded.

3) When the pipeline is filled with fog, the image quality will be affected. Therefore, it is generally required that there is no fog in the pipeline.

In the above cases, CCTV pipeline inspection plays an important role in pipeline inspection. Since its work depends on the movement and camera, when the move and camera ability is in a normal condition, it can complete the detection task.

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