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Pipeline Robot Used for Pipe Inspection

1. Pipeline robot is an alternative to manual inspection of pipes

In recent years, due to the aging of many drainage pipes in urban areas, waterlogging is prone to form in some areas on rainy days, and drainage pipes are blocked and flooded, which has brought inconvenience to the lives of citizens. The traditional pipe inspection method relies on manual inspection. Once sewage overflows, the staff of the Law Enforcement Bureau must use the dredging vehicle to dredge in sections, sometimes it takes multiple times to find the blockage point.

The use of pipeline robots for drainage pipe inspection greatly improves the ability of dredging. At the same time, the pipeline robot is equipped with functions such as lighting and a camera. Entering the pipe, it can return data and real-time images to the ground computer display screen so that the staff can clearly see and record the blockage and damage of the pipe several meters deep underground and finish the underground pipe inspection.

2. Pipe inspection robot assists in the installation of the drainage network

The so-called pipe inspection robot is the academic name of the pipeline robot. Through the display screen, the staff can clearly see the problems such as mud accumulation, aging corrosion, rupture, and collapse inside the pipe, ensuring that the follow-up treatment of the problematic pipe suits its situation.

Pipe inspection equipment like pipe inspection robots can not only perform pipe detection and inspection but also assist the staff in determining the direction of the drainage network, effectively ensuring the safety and smooth flow of the sewer network on all roads in the city.

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