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The Preparation Before the Pipe Rehabilitation Using the Light Curing Repair System

There are many procedures for pipe rehabilitations, and if the preliminary work is not done well, the repair effect of the pipeline will vary greatly and it will be difficult to achieve the expected results. In order to better assist the smooth progress of pipe rehabilitation work, many related personnel need to cooperate to do the preliminary work well, especially for the preparation before repairing pipelines using the light curing repair system. So what specifically should be done in the preparation before pipe rehabilitation using the light curing repair system?

Cleaning the surrounding environment

Since most municipal pipelines are buried under urban roads and have large intersections with surrounding traffic, landscaping, and construction environments, the surrounding environment should be cleaned before pipe rehabilitation. Proper measures should be formulated to clean up any surrounding environments that interfere with construction equipment, construction personnel, and construction materials. For example, plant branches and leaves can be trimmed with pruning equipment, or pushed aside. Cars and other equipment parked nearby should be relocated and construction warning signs should be placed.

Determining the construction site

Use construction fences near the pipeline to be repaired to determine a construction site and place the construction equipment, materials, and personnel in an orderly manner. It cannot be guaranteed that each process will not interfere with each other or cross each other.

Preparation of construction work wells

Existing work wells are generally used for construction work, and the solidity of the work wells should be determined before use. If the work well is not solid, it should be reinforced. If there are debris blocking the progress of construction work, it should be removed. The well cover should be placed in a safe place and fixed to avoid rolling and injuring people.

Preparation of repair machinery and materials

The repair machinery and materials should be placed in a suitable place and stored according to regulations. They should not be damaged and should have measures to shelter from rain and sun.

Preparation of material processing area

Adequate space should be provided for processing the curing repair materials. Depending on the length of the pipeline, the demand for the processing area is different. The processing area should be flat, pollution-free, and free of stagnant water. It should also be convenient for material transportation, processing, and storage.

Personnel preparation

There should be multiple technicians with curing repair technology, and technical and safety briefings should be conducted before construction. They should be fully familiar with the surrounding environment, understand the difficulties and key points of repairing pipelines using the light curing repair system. Safety equipment and protective gear should also be provided.

Pipeline water blocking treatment

Use sealing airbags to block the upstream and downstream water flow of the pipeline. The environment of pipe rehabilitation should eliminate the influence of water. Measures to prevent water leakage from outside should be taken in places with relatively large seepage.

Pipeline unblocking cleaning

Before starting the curing repair, the pipeline to be repaired should be cleaned in advance, and the pipeline should be unblocked and cleaned using a pipeline joint dredging vehicle.

Pipeline defect inspection

Use pipeline inspection equipment to detect pipeline defects and provide a basis for pipe rehabilitation.

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