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What Defects Can Pipeline CCTV Inspection Equipment Detect?

In recent years, the CCTV inspection robot for pipelines with improved services has received recognition from many people. The reason for this is that this type of detection equipment has extremely powerful and practical functions that can detect various types of defects and provide reliable basis for developing solutions. So, what kind of defects can the CCTV inspection equipment for pipelines detect? The following article introduces specific defects that it can detect.

Detection of structural defects by the CCTV inspection robot

Due to the influence of various external factors, pipelines that have been in use for a long time are prone to have structural defects. However, the CCTV inspection robot for pipelines that meets customers' requirements can check whether there are any structural defects in the pipeline and see if the pipeline structure is intact. Generally speaking, the structural defects of pipelines mainly include rupture, detachment, corrosion, leakage, deformation, dislocation of imported materials, hidden openings of the branch pipe, etc. The pipeline inspection equipment can detect the structure of the pipeline, and the corresponding images and camera systems are transmitted to the control center for management personnel to monitor and judge.

Detection of functional defects by the CCTV inspection robot

Pipelines may also have functional defects, which make them less sturdy and durable than before. Therefore, the CCTV inspection robot for pipelines can also detect the functions of pipelines to check if there are any defects. The functional defects of pipelines mainly include sedimentation, obstacles, tree roots and residual walls, which can affect the use of pipelines. These functional defects can all be detected by the professional pipeline inspection equipment, which provides important basis for developing repair plans in the future.

In conclusion, the CCTV inspection equipment for pipelines can not only detect many structural defects but also detect many functional defects of pipelines. Therefore, if the pipeline has been in use for too long and there are suspected defects, the practical and precise CCTV inspection robot can be used to perform high-precision inspection.

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